Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday De-stash

No new stash photos to share today but I have some stunning "inspiration" shots to show you!

Elder Son and I visited the Denver Botanic Gardens last week to view the Chihuly in Denver exhibit. Chihuly's glass in nature is simply stunning. I'm pleased with my photos; I thought they would be washed-out because the sun was so bright, Just see:

Blue Icicle Towers

Summer Sun

Turquoise Reeds and Marlins

Saffron Tower & Cattails

White Tower

Red Reeds

Blue & Purple Boat & Walla Wallas

Monet Pool Fiori

Can't you just see making a modern quilt inspired by some of these incredible works? 


I'm sorry I can't measure out the fabric in this week's de-stash offer. But I promise there is more than enough to make an entire quilt!

This kit began as a "Buck-a-Block" project back before I realized I hate to sew with Thangles. There are directions for seven blocks, and a packet of Thangles.

It also includes plenty of fabric for background, sashing and borders.


And because there are only instructions for seven blocks, I'm including this pattern by Debbie Caffrey, "Garden Party," which uses the same size strips as the Thangles.

Would you like to have it?

Just comment below with your PayPal address and zip code. I'll send you a PayPal invoice for the postage ($12.35 in the US) and when payment is received, the kit will go in the mail to you!

It's been really fun seeing who wanted what from my de-stash. I have two more "kits" to give away, but I may find more!

I have something new on the design wall to show you on Wednesday. Come back and see!

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  1. I'll take it -- unless I am not eligible since I got an earlier one. If that is the case, I totally understand.

  2. Wow, the exhibit is stunning. I especially like the blue icicles. Will have to be sure daughter and granddaughter go see it in person (from Loveland). Thanks for the pictures!

  3. I love Chihuly's work!!! We first saw it in the Atlanta Botanical Gradens and I was blown away by his pieces. Those are gorgeous and your pictures are beautiful.

    I'd enjoy the kit too.

  4. Oh my goodness! We have a magnificent Chihuly piece here in our Milwaukee Art Museum, and we spent quite a bit of time marvelling at it each time we go. But these....oh my! I can't quite get my head around the fact that they are outdoors. What an amazing juxtaposition between the vulnerable glass and the elements of nature!!! I am so glad you shared your pictures!

  5. What amazing artworks, I love Summer Sun and the Monet's Garden ones. Spectacular. Don't know what Thangles are but clearly they're not for you! I shall have to Google them and have a sticky!

  6. Thank you for sharing your pictures they are breath taking. I would love to take your stash if it is still available. paypal is chris_divechime at yahoo dot com and my zip is 91362. Thank you

  7. Love the artwork - they are fascinating.

  8. Ooh, am I in time? I hope so. I love the look of this kit and the pattern. My paypal addy is sue dot abrey @ gmail dot com, (without spaces and with the word "dot" replaced with a .) and in the UK we have postcodes instead of zips, and mine is LS15 9JD. Fingers crossed, but eveen if I don't win, thanks for your generosity.

  9. Summer Sun is my fav, even though it's not a color I'd usually choose for a tree--except during the Fall. Paypal:, zip is 23320. Love the fabric choices, blocks will go into my guilds Silent Auction (whichever I don't keep, LOL), and the Garden Party definitely looks doable.

  10. I don't know if I'm in time or not, but I signed up for Paypal so I could be entered in the giveaway. I love this fabric, and since I don't have much of a budget to spend for quilting it would be absolutely wonderful to win! But even if I don't, thanks for your generosity! If I understand it right, my paypal e-mail address and zip are, 94591.

  11. Oh wow, the Dale Chihully must have been so fantastic to see in real life!


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