Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Finish: June UFO Project

So last year, I determined I was going to finish up all my BOM projects. yeah. Didn't quite make it!

However, I have finished another one! It's my "Toes in the Sand" BOM from Quilt Asylum. The fabric is Tula Pink's "Saltwater." And I love it!

Sorry this isn't a very good photo. It's been windy and stormy all day, so I couldn't take the flimsy outside for a photo. As soon as things dry out, I'll try to take a better one!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Tuesday Tool

When Jacquie Gering visited the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild last summer, I fell in love with her "serpentine stitch" quilting.

With my first attempt at this technique, I realized I would need a much larger surface to hold my  project. So, I bought an "extra large" Sew Steady table.  Plenty big, but I found the quilt tended to "stick" to the extension table. It's really hard to make even lines of quilting when the fabric hangs up on the sewing table!

I had seen the Sew Steady Polish Kit on their web page, but the description didn't say anything about making the sew steady table more "slick." I thought it was to repair scratches on the table surface.

I asked about the polish kit at Ruth's Stitchery and found out it costs less than $10. So I decided it was worth a try!

The polish is applied much like shoe polish, with a small sponge. 

After it dries for 5 minutes, buff the table top with the provided cloth. Kind of reminds me of shining uniform brass.

The table top is immediately more shiny and even feels more smooth. But will the fabric feed through more easily?

Yes! I could feel the difference immediately. How about stitching two pieces of cotton batting together? Batting is notoriously "sticky."

Yep! It even makes batting slide along the table surface like a greased pig!

I made a mini "quilt sandwich" out of an odd block and tested the serpentine stitch quilting.

Wow. Just. Wow.  It really works! Totally worth the $10 -- if I'd known that was what this product is for, I would have bought it months ago! My only question is, "why doesn't Sew Steady advertise their polish kit for this purpose?"

I imagine if you use your domestic machine for free-motion quilting, the Sew Steady polish would make moving your quilt around a lot easier, too.

Now, if I'm going to have a finish for Friday, I'd better get back to piecing my Toes in the Sand quilt!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Design Wall Monday and Destash Report

This morning it's 41 degrees (that's Fahrenheit) and windy windy windy. I am SO not going for a walk this morning, looks like I'll have to dust off the elliptical machine!

Design Wall

There's a new kid in town today. OK, not really new. And not really a kid. But there's something new on the design wall:

It's 24 blocks for my "Toes in the Sand." I started it last year with the BOM from Quilt Asylum. The fabric is Tula Pink's "Saltwater." I love this fabric so much, I accidentally bought the fat quarter bundle also. In a few years, it might make its way to my De-Stash offer!

Here are the blocks with the background fabrics. It's impossible to photograph this fabric, but it's a very pale lemon-green.

Even Tula Pink's website doesn't really show the true color, but you can see the design in this photo from her website, ihearattulapink.

I was lucky to be able to cut all the background pieces from this same fabric, even though the kit included a different fabric for the outside half-triangle setting pieces. I think it looks like the blocks are floating on the sand!

If the stars align and My Little Sailor comes home on leave in September, and if my friend's beach house is available, and if it doesn't snow (hey, that's a real possibility in September!): this quilt will be a hostess gift for the beach house!

stitch by stitch

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Destash Report

I was amazed and pleased that more than one person was interested in my Vin du Jour destash! It will be on its way to the first taker as soon as the wind dies down.

And vaf, I'm sorry but I can't take a check. Not that I worry your check isn't good, it's just that I don't do the bank thing!

I have more, so I'm thinking each Sunday until I empty the "this needs to go" bin, I'll offer another destash bundle.

Photo: This is what happens when there are 80 quilt-block-a-day blocks on the design wall when a thunderstorm blow through an open window.

Since the wind is blowing and it's cold, I'm going to hide out in the upstairs sewing room and work on A Quilt Block a Day. As of Saturday, we should have 80 blocks finished. Oh, I have them finished, all right. And they're scattered all over the sewing room! That's what happens when the window is left open and a severe thunderstorm blows through Colorado!

I have a new product to test for the Sew Steady extension table. Come back tomorrow to see if it's worth the purchase price!

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sunday Stash and De-Stash

Looking through my "new stash" basket, I see I've mostly bought books this summer.

I have one new little bundle of fat quarters: it's "Letter Writing for Sewists" from Sew Me a Song. It's all fabric with postcards or text on them. A great addition to my "low volume" stash.

Two of my book purchases are by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio. Weeks and Bill will be among the faculty at Quilt Colorado this July. The last I heard, there is still room in their classes. If you're in the Mountain West and like modern quilts, this is a rare chance to take a class with some icons of modern quilting.

My plan is to make their "Share and Share Alike" transparency quilt from pink and berry Peppered Cottons. Details to follow!

Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession is one of my favorite modern designers. One day I am determined to visit her shop in Sydney, Australia!

Pam and Nicky Lintott of The Quilt Room in Surrey, England design some of my favorite "strip club" quilts. Here's their newest book, not just for 2.5" strips. They've designed a new ruler for Creative Grids and this book features some great quilts using that ruler.

Quilting with a Modern Slant is chock-full of eye candy. It's a compendium of quilts by 70 modern quilt artists. If your "quilting mojo" is fading, this one is guaranteed to get you excited.

Remember "Stack the Desk" quilts? Karla Alexander has a new book:

Stack, Shuffle, and Slide looks to be a great use of my extensive "solids" stash.

A Colorado quilter, Pat Syta, has a new "sampler" quilt book, Red at Night. I promised a grey-and-yellow quilt to my daughter, Vanessa, maybe this will be the pattern?

I spent the better part of an afternoon this week searching for a particular fabric needed by a friend to finish her quilt. I soon realized I had never actually bought that fabric, it was blogged as part of a "virtual fat quarter stack" contest. But while digging, I found several quilt "kits" that I realize I will never, never, never use.  So I'm going to offer one each week to 52 Quilts readers.

Here's the deal: I'll give away the fabric, free. The recipient just has to pay postage. Anywhere in the world, just pre-pay the postage via PayPal, and the featured quilt kit is yours!

This week's kit is an almost-full jelly roll of Vin du Jour by Moda. I cut away part of two strips to finish my Jelly Roll Quilt for January:

It also includes 4+ yards of background fabric and 1+ yard of the dark purple print. Plus a Cozy Quilts pattern, "Yin Yang."

If you'd like to have this "kit," just comment with your PayPal address and zip code. I'll respond with an invoice for the postage, and Vin du Jour will be on its way to you!

I've a new BOM on the design wall -- come back tomorrow to see "Toes in the Sand!"

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