Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hats for Sailors Recipients Assisting with AirAsia Search

Remember this photo from earlier this week?

That's the 513 Hats for Sailors knitted by members of the Ravelry Hats for Sailors group. The recipients of many of these hats serve on the USS Sampson, a Navy destroyer.

I read on the US Navy's facebook page that Sailors on the USS Sampson are aiding in the search for the missing AirAsia plane in the Java Sea. Read more about their efforts, here. If you have access to Facebook, there is an interview with the ship's commanding officer, here.

The blue candle is burning for the USS Sampson, and for all affected by this event.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

End of Year Review

One of the nicest things about being "retired" is not having to write (or receive) employee end of year performance reviews.

But I've seen several "top 10 post" blog posts this morning on blogs I follow. So I decided to take a look at the stats for 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks.

Not surprisingly, the most-viewed post is "Susie's Magic Binding." And I have news on that front -- while home in September, blog co-author, the Younger Son aka My Little Sailor filmed a video of the technique.I haven't received the edited version yet -- maybe I should post his email address so all of you can email him and ask for the video!

I'm pleased that the second-most viewed post explains Hats for Sailors.  The HFS group on Ravelry knitted more than 500 hats this year and presented them to the destroyer USS Sampson, currently deployed in the Western Pacific. Just look at this photo of the hats we knit this year:

(Photo by 3genknit on Ravelry)

The third most-viewed post was the 2011 "Year in Review" of the 52 quilts I pieced that year.  I didn't make it to 52 this year. I'm not even sure exactly how many I pieced, because I failed to record each quilt on my calendar. The link on that post goes to Flickr, where I clearly need to update my photostream!

2015 UFO Challenge

There will be a UFO Challenge for 2015. The last UFO Parade for 2014 will premier on New Year's Day. Just in case you're sorting through the UFOs, here are the guidelines for the UFO Challenge:

Before the "last parade of 2014," let me list the guidelines for the 2015 Challenge. It will run just like the previous UFO Challenges.

Are you ready to challenge yourself to complete some UFOs during 2015?  I know I am!

Here's how it works:
1.  Pull out 12 of your UFOs.  (Notice I didn't say all your UFOs.  I know you have at least 12!)   These can be half-done projects, barely begun projects, or even quilt "kits." 
2.  I put each project in its own 2-gallon size plastic bag.  Saves time I would have spent looking for the pattern or the special template required!
3.  Number each bag 1 - 12.
4.  Come to 52 Quilts the first day of each month in 2015 and I will have posted the number for that month's project.
5.  As you complete your UFO, email a photo to Aunt Marti at 52 quilts dot com. The first of the month, I'll host a "UFO Parade" with photos of your finished projects. It's OK to send in photos early in the month -- I start drafting the post as I receive your photos.
Most importantly, YOU decide what is finished! It can be "bound and ready to give away" or "pieced and ready to quilt." 

As a reward if you've read this far, the first "UFO Number" 
for 2015 is project #2!  
Happy New Year, and I look forward to seeing your last 2014 finishes on Thursday!

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Sunday, December 21, 2014

A Quilt Block a Day: Winter Edition

Happy Solstice! Today we celebrate the return of the sun, and the days will begin to get longer. Plus, it's the first day of Winter. So we get to start a new "Quilt Block a Day."

The idea behind "A Quilt Block a Day" comes from Karen Snyder of Anna Lena Land. Karen writes, "So you don't have time to make a quilt? But you can make one block a day!"

For Winter, I think the perfect block is the Log Cabin. Cozy, easy, and a great scrap-buster! Here is my tutorial for my favorite method of making lob cabin blocks. As the season unfolds, I'll share different methods and different styles of log cabins.

The very first quilt I ever made was a Log Cabin quilt made from blue and mauve cotton polyester -- it was 1976, everyone was using blue and mauve, and 100% cotton was almost nonexistent.  This was long before rotary cutters, so we snipped the selvedge and tore across the width of each fabric to make 2 1/2" wide strips.  As the strips were sewn together, the excess fabric was cut off.  When all the blocks were made, their sizes sometimes varied as much as an inch.  Thirty years later, Marti Michell designed a ruler just for log cabin quilts.  Using her technique, every block comes out square and the same size.  I've been saving 1 1/2" strips to "someday" make a scrappy log cabin quilt.  And today is "someday."

I wanted a larger center, so it is cut 3 1/2" square.

The ruler is designed so the only markings are what you need to cut each "log" for your quilt. 

I began with size "c" and cut enough "logs" to have three lights and three darks on each block.

Here are the first two finished blocks.  My blocks are 9 1/2" raw edge-to-raw edge.  That means the 90 blocks we make for the Winter BaD season will be perfect for a full-size bed quilt.

I hope you'll share your Autumn Maple Leaves blocks on the
"A Quilt Block a Day" Facebook page!

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Friday, December 19, 2014

TGIFF: The Christmas Edition

Today's TGIFF is a real oldie but goodie!

Here's the story: More than 10 years ago (more like 15!), I was the project leader for my son's 4-H club quilting project. I always made a parent attend with their 4-H'er, whether the project was quilting, knitting, or dogs.

The mothers of my quilting project members decided they wanted to learn to quilt also. So we formed the "Quilter Mamas." Once a month, we met at my house, had lunch, and sewed a block on a Christmas quilt. Some of the Quilter Mamas had never sewed before, one was a third generation 4-H'er. So the plan was that we would sew on our quilts only at my house.

Over the years, we gradually made many (but not all!) of the blocks in the quilt. We realized the reason for the Quilter Mamas was to be together, not necessarily to finish the quilt.

Thanksgiving weekend, Joy called me and said she had her quilt finished. Did I know someone who could long-arm quilt it for her before Christmas? As quilters, you all know Thanksgiving weekend is NOT the date to request a quilt be finished by Christmas!

Incredibly, one of our local long-armers, Frankie Shake, was willing to take on the quilt! And she finished it in record time. I showed Joy how to make Susie's Magic Binding during the Mystery Sew-Along at Ruth's Stitchery. And here it is, the first Quilter Mamas Christmas Quilt!

You may recognize the pattern from a Martingale Co. BOM project. I enlarged the photo so you can see some of the details of Joy's quilt. Plus the orange running shoes of the quilt holder!

I'm so excited to see Joy's finished quilt, it make me want to quilt and bind my own! Mine is finished except for the last border -- maybe I'll get it finished this weekend?

While uploading the photo of Joy's Christmas quilt, I realized I never showed you the December Jelly Roll Party project. This is "Basket Weave" by Pam and Nicky Lintott. I used a Moda Jelly Roll from several years ago in Christmas prints.

I hope your own holiday preparations are well underway!

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

As If

YOU could sew when this is sleeping on your Christmas quilt!

That would be Samosa, my birthday kitten. He is three months old today and is a bundle of fun. He likes to jump up an unsuspecting passersby leg -- luckily, the vet trimmed his claws!

Like many sewists this time of year, I'm mostly sewing prezzies. Which can't be shown on the blog, because, well -- they're surprises! Here are some for friends I don't think read the blog. (None of them sew, Can you believe I have friends who don't sew?)

I made them using this tutorial from Deby at So Sew Easy.  They are just right to contain a credit card (or Starbucks gift card!) and a lip balm. That one on the right is too small for a gift card. Because I put the tabs on the wrong side and they wound up inside the bag. When Deby says "place the tab on top of the zipper tape -- she means it. I cut off the ends and re-sewed it. Now it's too short. 

Are you sewing Bonnie Hunter's 2014 Mystery, Grand Illusion? I'm a sucker for a mystery project. 

And no, I don't have time for this. But who cares? With no boys at home this year, we're sort of ignoring Christmas. I set out a hurricane jar containing a candle and some glass scatters from Lillian Vernon. And that's it for Christmas decorations!

Hurricane with Candy Cane Scatters Set

Happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate!

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Monday, December 8, 2014

Design Wall Monday

Are you joining in on Bonnie Hunter's new mystery?

I love a mystery, and I look forward each year to Bonnie's new project at!

Here are parts of the first two steps:

Using my Bloc_Loc ruler to check if my HSTs are truly 2.5" -- they are!

UPDATE:  Granny Maud's Girl asked about the Bloc_Loc rulers. They are my absolute, all-time, total favorite for making perfect HSTs (and even more for Flying Geese!)  Here is the link to my post describing how to use the Bloc_Loc HST ruler.

Becky asked what method I used for the rectangles. I used the flip-and-sew method. One of the ladies at Ruth's "Bonnie Hunter Mystery Sew-Along" used the EZ Angle method with good results. I swore to myself that I would save the cut-offs, but I caved and tossed them in the "cat bed donation scraps" bin!

Here are some bits for part two.  Love that bright pink!

I'll have a new finish to share on Friday!

Monday, December 1, 2014

December Jelly Roll Parade

What?!? December Already? One last assignment for 2014 UFOs:


Clearly, I wasn't the only one who had a busy month in November. I received several emails last night with November finishes!

Debra B. was an early-bird finisher, though. Here are two finishes from Deb.
First, Asian Nights, my #3 UFO, is from Harriett & Carrie Hargraves, Quilter's Academy - Volume 1 - Freshman Year, book. I purchased both the freshman and sophomore years because "thru the grapevine" I heard the "academy" books were written for beginner thru advanced quilter's and will make everyone a much better quilter. I find the books very informative and when I find a quilt I really like, I flag it and it becomes one of my upcoming UFO's.

Deb, I can tell you've taken Harriet's instruction to heart. Beautiful work!
I also have two others that I made. I made jelly roll quilts (not really jelly rolls - just 3" strips of stuff that's laying around that I wanted to use up).

I love the doggy treats in the second photo. I can't believe the dogs let the treats lie on the floor -- mine catch their treats in the air and finish them in one bite!

Heather finished not one, not two, but three charity quilts this month! She tells about the recipients in her blog post on Peachy Pages.

Heather, you've made some soldiers and their families very happy, I'm sure!

Oh, look! Debra also sent photos of this clever wool project. Deb's guild, Sunshine Quilter's of El Cajon, enjoyed a workshop with Kathy of The Cottage at Cardiff Farms. They made these darling wool "stitcher's clutches."

Deb, I have one of Kathy's books, "The Cottage at Cardiff Farms Quilts," but I didn't realize she also did wool patterns. Darling, and I can't wait to see the pin keeps (cushions) you make in December!

Friend Martha in Idaho is making baby quilts again! She reports that the parents have a "beach" theme -- don't you think these quilts will fit perfectly with that?

Martha also finished this "Staggered Geese" quilt, a scrapbusters projects from my favorite Boise shop, Quilt Expressions. She reports a new method to make Flying Geese -- can't wait 'til I visit Idaho again to learn this technique!

Sue about "quilted her fingers off" to finish this beauty by the deadline of her brother's 60th birthday. Isn't is gorgeous?

I have to show you the back so you can really see the heavy quilting. Wow, Sue -- I bet your brother loves it!

More details about Coastal Compass on Sue's Quilty Bits and Bobs.

Joy in Nashville has been busy this month. First, I want to show you her "A Quilt Block a Day" finish from last Spring:

Joy, I love it with the bright colors!

Joy also finished a long-time charm UFO. It's a Disappearing Nine-Patch she finished for a class sample:

This adorable pillow, made for Joy's sister, is a great way to use some of the decorative stitches on the sewing machine:

Mary finished her entry for the Michael Miller Modern Quilt Challenge. This challenge required the use of several MM pastels -- not always what I think of when I imagine modern quilts.

I think Mary did a great job making these fabrics look "modern!"  Here is the beading on the focal star -- click on the photo to see it close up!

Read more about Mary's challenge on her blog, Zippy Quilts.

Gill really hit the finishing jackpot this month! Just look at all these finishes (and that's not all)!

I love these hot water bottle covers! What a great gift idea for chilly UK winters!

She calls this a "fabric tidy box." Cute, huh? I need to make some of these!

This "chemistry" fabric (showing the Periodic Table of the Elements) was a big hit at Ruth's Stitchery, too:

And one can never have too many Superhero coin zipper bags!

Her "big" finish this month is this log cabin throw for her father in law. 

Looks like you're ready for the holidays, Gill!

I just have to share this stunning antique quilt with you. Joy sent this photo, explaining it was made by her grandmother who passed away last month. I'll let Joy explain in her own words:
She was an avid quilter and hand worker, and I have many pieces that she made for me. She is really where I learned to crochet, embroider, cross stitch, and latch hook. Since then, I have learned to machine sew and quilt, and she was always a big fan and supporter if my work. . . .  I did think of you last week as I was cleaning out her linen closet and came across this quilt. It was hand pieced and quilted. I will assume that it was completed by her, but it very well could have been made by my Great Grandmother. I share it with you, knowing that you will appreciate all of the work and love that has gone into it.  

Joy's treasure is the block pattern for the Autumn "A Quilt Block a Day." This is indeed a treasure, Joy. I hope you'll have it appraised, and buy a non-acid box to store it in!

Enjoy your holiday preparations, and I look forward to the last 2014 UFO Parade on New Year's Day 2015!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday: The Next Jelly Roll Quilt

I love making jelly roll quilts. And I love the Jelly Roll Party each month at Ruth's Stitchery!

The good thing about being the lead "partier" is, I guaranteed to finish (pieced, quilted and bound!) at least 12 quilts each year. Because I make the sample every month.

This week, I'm making the sample for our January Jelly Roll Party:

The pattern is by Gudrun Erle, "Strip to Shore." Of course, I bought it because of the Navy reference!

I'm using a "Grunge" by Moda jelly roll, and the background is navy blue Grunge.

Strip To Shore cover

No special ruler is needed, although it is easier to square up the hexagons with a 60 degree ruler. As you might guess from my photo, the hardest thing is arranging the pieces so no same colors match. I didn't always succeed!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Linking up to WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced.

To 52 Quilts' USA followers, and all the ships at sea:
Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow!

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