Friday, May 17, 2013

Friends of Granny's Attic Friday Finish

Last Spring at the Granny's Attic, some of us decided to do a Row-by-Row Round Robin quilt.Each of us would make one row, 40.5" wide, then pass along that row to the next quilter. She would add a row, and mail it forward, and so on. Here is my post showing my initial row.

Last week at quilt camp was the "big reveal." Excitement grew when we saw how Lori hid the quilts behind blankets labeled "No Peeking."

Eight quilt tops were hidden behind those blankets, and Lori had them pinned down tight so it was impossible to even lift a corner!

The first quilt revealed belongs to Carol, who winters in Arizona. I added a row of "state flower" fabric with sagebrush (for Idaho) and yucca (for Arizona.):

Next is Carol Anne's romantic shades of lavendar -- I made the little baskets row:

I was almost late with Lori's purple and green quilts, lucky I already knew how to make the baskets:

I love the applique'd words Lori added to Martha's quilt:

Remember my Tuesday Tutorial showing the blocks on Kathy's quilt?

I loved making the pinwheel row for Kathy B's quilt while I was at retreat last Fall:

(Kathy, I'm really sorry I didn't get a photo of your complete quilt!)

I thought these "sunrise" blocks went well with Thia's gold-and-blue quilt:

Here is "my" quilt. I call it "My Happy Place," because Payette Lake is indeed "my happy place."  I love every single row my Idaho friends added, and I will treasure this quilt and the memories it evokes.

I love my Idaho quilt camps!

Next week I'll publish the road trip report -- three shops I've never visited before!

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

WIP Wednesday Remote Report

 It was a beautiful week in Idaho at Payette Lake.  See?

It's hard to concentrate on your sewing with a view like this!  I did manage to finish two tops (photos on Friday!) and the blocks for another quilt.

Carol Anne taught the class wherein we made Paragon Pavers (because they're Practically Perfect!).  Except mine isn't perfect, I sewed the framing strips on wrong.  Oh well, some careful pressing will fix that.

 Don't you love the blue batiks?  Carol Anne's Passional Purple Paragon Pavers (isn't alliteration fun?) is stunning:

As is her "Romantic Paragon Pavers."

I was sad to leave the Lake, and Idaho. Here is a farewell photo for you:

Come back Friday for my Friday Finish report!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

From the desk of The Younger Son;

Mom, you have always been there for me, you have always supported me and guided me and been there when I was sick, or alone, or having trouble in school. Without you I would never have become as successful as I have been. (Heck -- without you I would never have joined the Navy!)

I'm so glad you asked me to help you make your blog and publish your quilting thoughts, projects, and secrets to the world. I'm so glad you write me emails almost every day -- I do read them, even if it's just so I can get a smile before I have to head on to the next 'can't-wait!' project. I'm glad that every time I call, you wake up, even if it's at 2 in the morning because that's the only time I could get to the phones on the ship.

Thank you, and Happy Mother's Day!

Posted Direct from Japan with Love.

Sunday Scrap Basket: Ring Around the Rosie

Twenty years ago, 1930s reproduction fabrics were new to the quilting world.  I loved their bright, clear colors and cheerful prints.  So much so that I bought a fat quarter of every one that was sold!  It didn't take long before they became so popular, I couldn't afford to buy every print that came out.  Yet I still collected quite a stash of 30s fabrics!

I've made more than a dozen quilts using these adorable fabrics, which means I have quite the collection of 1930s scraps. "Ring Around the Rosie" is an excellent way to use a variety of 2.5" scrap strips.

If you look closely at this block, you'll see the construction is most unusual.  It requires a "partial seam" to attach the colored strips to the white center.

For this block, you will need:
(1) 4.5" white square
(4) 2.5" X 4.5" print strips
(8) 2.5" X 6.5" print strips
First, sew the 6.5" strips together in sets of two. Press toward either strip.  Then add the 4.5" strip to the right hand end of the two 6.5" strips. Press toward the two 6.5" strips.

Lay out the block as shown:

Notice the position of the 4.5" strips.

The first print strip will be sewn only partway across the top of the 4.5" white square:

Begin stitching at the upper left edge of the white square, sew the colored strips about halfway across the top of the square.

Next, add the colored strips to the left side of this piece.  Begin sewing at the top of the colored strips and sew all the way to the bottom of the white square.

Working counter-clockwise, add the bottom colored strips, then the right-hand colored strips.

Notice that the top colored strips are not attached to the white square all the way across.  Finish the block by sewing the remainder of the seam of the top strips:

Press away from the white center block.

Linking up to Scrap Basket Sunday at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure.

Scrap Basket Sunday

Wouldn't this make a cute baby quilt? Come back tomorrow to see what's on my new, portable design wall!

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