Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July UFO Parade

What, July already? 2015 is half over?

Are you ready to "start" the next "finish?" It's:

I've been busily sewing summer tops to wear during the hot Texas summer, so no quilt finishes for me this month. But some of you sent some great finish photos in!

The first finish is actually two finishes from Debra.

Aren't these colors pretty? Here's what Debra says about this quilt:

Missouri Quilt Co. offers "Daily Deals" of fabrics they are showcasing and with that they offer tutorials of quilts to make with the deals. I saw this quilt and just had to make one. It is called Phoebe's Flower Box Quilt on Youtube, but mine is called My Mosaic Quilt. The colors are so similar I needed to have something that would highlight each block via a sashing. To obtain the pattern for this quilt go yo and query Phoebe's Flower Box Quilt.  If you keep searching you will find a lot of different quilts offered by Missouri Quilt Co.
You're right, Deb -- I love the Daily Deals from Missouri Star Quilt Co. And if you ever get a chance to visit their shop(s) in Hamilton, MO, jump at it! They are so nice and ooooh! the fabric!

Debra's second finish is called "Fourth of July," a free pattern from Bonnie Hunter at Quiltville. Click on the "Free Patterns" tab and you'll find lots of great, free patterns!

I always get a kick out of Sandi's "Kwilts."

Here is the story behind "Krossways"
Krossways (thanks to Janet O. for the name) was finished this past Saturday.  I knew when I pulled fabrics from my stash that my Pinwheel Pizzazz project would not be as large.  This was okay with me...nice to try a new design.  I have quite a few large quilts so Krossways finishing smaller was great.  What I hadn't planned on was the light purple fabric running out before the cream.  My project finished 36" x 48".  I really like how the medium purple and dark blue appear to "squiggle".  Very clever square on a rectangle process that Lenna Spanner designed.  

Here is a link to my blog to learn more kwiltnkats: Sunday Stash Report, June 28, 2015
It's gorgeous, Sandi -- I'll have to try this clever technique!

Nancy had quite the "sewing adventure" this month. Here is a mini she finished for her granddaughter:

And she comments:
It is called Cat Weave and it was from The Sewing Chick website.
I had bought a fat quarter bundle off Massdrop of the cat fabric and it was perfect for this project.
Nancy's story of her #10 finish made me laugh:
After we got the UFO number for the month I went looking for the project, which I finally found then I looked for the instructions which I did find a week later.   That project did not get finished this month.  I got so close.  I will get it finished, just not this month.
When I was not searching for items I did work on my flannel quilt and did get it sewn together.
So I did get something done.  Just not what I had planned on doing.

That's one of my favorite fabric collections, Nancy. And thanks for the giggle!

Mary J also has two finishes this month:
Here is my June donation quilt, which should have been an easy finish but was totally redesigned.  I'll publish about the re-design on Sunday (July 5), but for now here's the finished top.
Second, the UFO with the actual number for this month is an improvised fish quilt I started 2 years ago.  The goal for the month was just to do SOMETHING about it.  I blogged about that here:
Luckily I got several good suggestions from readers of my blog, so I'll be finishing it completely soon. (Maybe in time to send next month?) Meanwhile, I HAVE done something to get going on it, so that is my "finish"!  Sometimes you've just got to celebrate the small gains 

You're so right, Mary! And these are both worth celebrating!

Gill has also had a busy summer, remodeling and adding on to their home. Can you believe she found time to finish this bed-sized quilt?

It's 2.6 meters square -- that's 102" to Americans! King size! Lovely, Gill, and congrats on the new space!

Last Minute Additions

I am so sorry, I missed these two last-minute adds to the parade! They are worth waiting for, I promise you!

First, Martha made this memory quilt of kimonos made as a memory quilt for a friend. The kimonos were purchased at the Freer Museum in Washington, DC by the friend's husband.

Here is a closeup of the fabrics, isn't it lovely?

What a kind gesture, Martha! I'm sure your friend will treasure this quilt.

And Glorijean is getting ready for Christmas with this cutie:

Eight -- no, ten! finishes is pretty good for the first month of summer! Mr. Random Number Generator chose Debra as the winner of this month's parade -- so, Debra, send me your mailing address, I have some goodies for you!

Happy Canada Day to my Canadian followers, and Happy Independence Day to my American followers. Blog posts may be thin on the ground this month, but I'll be looking forward to seeing what you all finish during July!

From the desk of your auntmartisignature

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Get Ready for July

Looks like I'm not the only quilter who is busy doing other things this summer -- not many UFO finishes have come in for the July 1 UFO Parade.

But just in case you have some free time indoors on this gorgeous Sunday, here is the number for next month's UFO:

Enjoy your summer (or autumn!) and come back on Wednesday to see the June finishes!

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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Thursdays (and Summers) Are For Knitting

A month or so ago, I cast on a pile of Hats for Sailors to knit during summer travels. They're not all finished, but a few are!

Here are some photos of the finished hats. You can read the details on my Ravelry project page, username AuntMarti. And if you're a knitter or crocheter, we'd love to have you join us to knit a hat for a sailor!

First is "Barley," knit with Ewe Ewe worsted. This yarn just did NOT want to be knitted -- I unsuccessfully started three projects before finally finishing a hat!

This yummy orange marmalade colored yarn is from Inskein Yarn in San Antonio, hand dyed by Jennifer Caswell (the Discriminatin Knittah). I hope Jennifer dyes some more superwash merino, because I loved knitting "Willow Hat" with this yarn.

My best field trip while in Texas was to Comfort, and The Tinsmith's Wife. The June Hats for Sailors KAL is "Rib-a-Roni," and I used Black Trillium Fibres Pebble Worsted. Even the DH commented how pretty is this yarn!

Ten or so years ago, the boys and I took a "college visit" trip to the Pacific Northwest. One of the best places we visited was the Hudson's Bay Co. store in Victoria. I made up this pattern to celebrate the colors of the iconic HBC blanket.

Holiday Yarns is one of those yarns I couldn't find anywhere in Colorado. So I ordered this Wooly Ewe Worsted to knit "Rhubarb Helix" from Wisconsin -- then I found the yarn nearby at Colorful Yarns!

Thus far, I've knit 30 of 52 Hats for Sailors that is my goal for this year. As much as I love making quilts, knitting hats is a lot more portable for travel!

Not much quilting going on this summer -- I'm mostly sewing sleeveless tops to wear when I return to Texas next month. 

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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Summer Block a Day

Being away from home for most of the Spring season made Summer arrive in a flash. I did manage to finish the blocks for my Spring Block a Day quilt, but it's not sewn together yet.

Here is a photo of my finished blocks:

I used the new Kona Cottons colors jelly roll for the colored centers. I arranged them just as they came off the jelly roll. Don't you think it turned out great? Thanks, Sue!

If you didn't catch the Spring BaD tute, go here to visit Sue's Quilts Bits and Bobs for the tutorial.

Today is is the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere and the Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere. Here in Colorado, it's officially the longest day of the year. We can play outside until well into the evening! So let's make an easy, quick Block a Day.

Few quilt blocks are easier than Half-Square Triangles. The HST is the basis of our summer block. There are many methods to make HSTs, but I will start with the easiest. I call it the "cut a square, draw a line, stitch, cut, and press" method.

Here's how:

  1. For each block, cut two squares of print and two squares of background fabric. I'm using 4.5" squares, but you can use a different size if you wish.

I usually make my BaDs from scraps, but this one will be made using fat quarters. If your fat quarters are fully 18" wide, you can cut 16 squares from each one. If not, you will need additional FQs to make the number of blocks needed (90).

2.  Place the print and the background FQs right sides together and press.
Pressing the fabrics will cause them to "stick" together, making it easier to cut precise squares.

3.  Draw a line diagonally across the wrong side of the lighter fabric.

4.  Stitch a scant quarter-inch seam on each side of the line.

5.  Cut on the line and press toward the print fabric.

6.  Arrange the four HSTs as shown:

7.  Flip the two right-hand HSTs on top of the two left-hand sides and stitch the vertical seams. Then stitch the horizontal seam.

8.  I like to use the "windmill press" on the reverse side to reduce bulk.

9.  Here is the finished block:

Using 4.5" squares will result in a 7" finished block. 90 blocks will result in a finished quilt (without borders) of 63" X 70" -- a large lap size. 

Have fun making your HSTs and your Summer
Block a Day quilt!

 From the desk of your auntmartisignature

Monday, June 8, 2015

June 1 UFO Parade

I really hate it when bloggers write "I've been a bad blogger!"  Well -- I've been a bad blogger, but a good friend! I've been in Idaho helping a friend move, so the UFO Parade is late.

So you can get started on your June UFO, it's:

Joy was fast with her May UFO -- she send her email on May 2! Her story made me laugh:
I finally got the borders on my Friendly Shoo Fly Block a Day from last summer. I morphed the blue blocks into a Friendship Star, because it was the same pieces, just a different location in the nine patch block.  I also meant to make it smaller, but forgot when I started cutting and ended up with a King Size. It's not quilted yet. I haven't decided on a backing and whether to take it to my Mom's in TX to quilt on her long arm this summer or wrestle with it under my home machine

Joy is also looking for advice on backing -- any ideas?

Sandi was not only quick to finish her May UFO -- she is ready for Christmas!
I slipped into the 2015 UFO List that I created last December a few small projects to finish this year.  I hoped that they would be selected during the months when my schedule was tight...and it did this month with #12.  Tiny Treasurers is all too cute don't you think?  It is designed by Sandy Gervais (#582 Moda Candy Pattern).  It is perfect to use for scraps since no piece is wider than 2 1/2".  At only 16" x 16" total finished size it was easy to stitch up for a quick project.  I have a second one on my sewing table already.  I'm thinking these will be perfect gifts for any event.  Thanks to one of my followers who came up with the PERFECT name Kringle's Kargo.
Here is a link to my blog where you can read more about Kringle's Kargo and the other projects I'm working on. 

Pam's finish is a stunner -- and is that Susie's Magic Binding I spy on this beauty?
It seems like it's been forever since I've had a finish.  Last night (well,really early this morning) I finished up Eye Fooler - the quilt I made formy niece's graduation. Although I didn't start it until February, it's beenon my list to do since last fall.
All the stats are in today's blog post:

Pam has a second big finish! Here's the "story behind the quilt."
This is Orca Bay – started in November 2011. I dont like messing with strings and paper, so it got set aside. But as with nearly all of the quilts Ive started, I knew eventually I would finish it.  A friend asked me if I would make her a quilt. “orange and “abstract were my guidelines – so I showed her the Orca Bay blocks and my Orange Crush top -  both Bonnie Hunter quilts. She picked Orca Bay with the understanding it could be 2016 before I got that far.  Butsince the quilt had a reason to be finished it was much easier to work on and I finished the top several months ago. I finally got it quilted last week.

Nancy, I feel your frustration with your first May finish. Quilters, has this ever happened to you:
I can't believe that it is the end of May.  Where did it go?  I did get my UFO finished early in the month, but then never took a picture until today.  Nothing like a little procrastination in your life.  This is one just because, I like the colors.  No real plans but I am sure it will be with me for a while.  It matches some pillows I have.  I bought as a clearance kit a while back and  I got all the way to the last border when I stopped working on it.  When I picked it up this month I remembered why - the outside border was to be cut width of fabric, fussy cutting the design.  Of course the design was not printed straight.  Can you say waves in this border?


Nancy bound two other quilts during May -- love the Kate Spain fabrics in this first one!

Heather has two finishes for May. And here's what she told me about them:
I've got 2 finishes for this month!  First, Bath House Blues, the little Prairie Women's Sewing Circle quilt that I planned to finish this month.

Next, a long-term hand crochet project that I've been working on since late autumn.  This is the Leaping Stripes pattern and my very first (and probably last) crocheted afghan!

Irene  also has two "finally finishes" for May.

The first is a wall hanging I made for my mother when I saw this free pattern online. She worked at Singer Sewing in St. Louis when she graduated from high school.

The second one is the final quilt in my wall hanging series for the four seasons. I think this was in my packages for UFOs in 2013 and it is FINALLY done.
There are more details on my blog - another “finally updated” project.

Kerry's May finish looks complicated -- but she claims it is not!

This is the Day and Night Pattern by Eleanor Burns. It looks complicated but went together fast and easy. It also uses up all the extra pieces in a couple of small bonus projects. Here is link to my blog
Mary's May finish is a donation quilt for the Ronald McDonald House. Isn't is sweet?

This is a quilt for Ronald McDonald house; I've had the fabric about 5 years so it was time to make something from it!  I blogged about it here:
Looking at my notes, I realize I failed to choose a winner for lat month's UFO Parade. So there are two this month! Nancy and Pam, please email me your postal addresses so I can send you a goodie!

I'll be spending the summer in Texas, so no quilting for me -- I'm sewing summer clothes!

From the desk of your auntmartisignature

Monday, June 1, 2015

June UFO Parade Postponed

It's a reprieve! I'm on leave in Idaho and don't have access to your UFO finish emails -- so the June UFO Parade will be next weekend. 

Now you have a few more days to finish that UFO!

-- Aunt Marti

Friday, May 22, 2015

Finally a Friday Finish!

I've been on an extended trip to Texas, so the Friday Finishes have been thin on the ground.

Here's the May Jelly Roll Party sample:

The pattern is "True North" by Peta Peace of She Quilts Alot. The fabric is Daysail from Bonnie & Camille. I love the "waves" that Vivian quilted on it!

I used my Folded Corner Clipper to make the folded triangles in each block. I noticed Ruth's Stitchery has re-stocked this favorite tool. If you're planning a quilt with these triangles, do yourself a favor and order one!

Tomorrow is a trunk show by Jen Kingwell at Mama Said Sew in Ft. Collins. I can't wait to see her gorgeous quilts in person!

From the desk of your auntmartisignature