Sunday, August 17, 2014

New Sunday Stash and De-Stash

The Rocky Mountain Quilt Festival was this weekend in Loveland. Friend Mary and I took a road trip up on Friday and enjoyed some serious stash enhancement!


First up, not from the Quilt Festival, but added this week: Denyse Schmidt's newest collection, Hadley. I have an enormous DS stash, but this was clearly a case of, "If I don't buy it now, it might sell out." I got mine from the etsy shop "Vintage Modern."

And since I also ordered Denyse's new pattern, "In This Corner"

In This Corner – new! In This Corner quilt

I had also to order her Free Spirit Modern Solids collection (on sale at Fat Quarter Shop).

That will serve as my birthday prezzie -- two months off, so remind me!

I'm down to the very last block on my biggie-sized "Ryokan" quilt. I chose "One More Block" from Judy Hopkin's "501 Rotary Cut Quilt Blocks" book. 

501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks

Judy suggested using a different color for each quadrant of the block. Somehow I got the notion that one quadrant should be dark purple and olive green. I used Moda Marbles for all the "quilt blocks" in the quilt. Who knew Moda Marbles must be out of fashion -- I had a terrible time finding olive green! Finally scored it at Sew-Ciety in Castle Rock.

Holly's Quilt Cabin had just the right Japanese taupes for the frames, borders and bindings.

The print on the far left is my outside border. It's really more grey-green than in this photo, but I wanted to show off the lovely tone-on-tone print I found for the narrow dark border.

At the Festival, The Fig Leaf from Ft. Collins had the newest issue of Modern Quilts Illustrated. Bill Kerr talked about this issue at Quilt Colorado, so I am happy to have it in my hands at last.

I was pleased to find this Faye Burgos print for Marcus Fabrics at High Prairie Quilts.

It's just what I need for the setting triangles for my "Aunt Sukey Sampler" from Marti Michell's "Five is Fabulous."

Oh look, another candidate for the 2015 Jelly Roll parties. There is an etsy shop, Quilt Lakeside, listed on the pattern. Sadly, the shop appears to be "out of business." I bought this pattern at High Prairie Quilts, and it was the last one! Don't know if they will be able to get more.

The son of a close friend is getting married at the end of the month. Laura of Lilacs & Lace inspired me to get back into fashion sewing, so I chose this dress. The lovely floral print is "Petal Poetry" by Exclusively Quilters from Ruth's Stitchery.


Finally, my one big purchase at the Quilt Festival is this "Stem Punk" quilt kit from Material Girl quilts shop in Grand Island, Nebraska. Ever since my BFF moved from Ohio to Texas, I haven't been back to the shop. So I was delighted that they were one of the vendors at the Festival. This quilt is designated for a graduation gift for the very last 4-H'er I taught to knit. 


If you've lasted through this looooonnnnggg, photo-heavy post, you deserve some De-Stash!

How about some Joel Dewberry?

There is a bit more than one pound in this batch. Along with the "Heirloom" from Joel Dewberry, there is a bit of Deb Strain and some other prints that coordinate. The pieces are a minimum of 10" but most are larger.

If this De-Stash appeals to you, it can be yours for the cost of postage. One pound will fit easily into a flat-rate envelop for $5.75US. Of course, international offers are welcome, but the postage will be more. The first person to reply with a PayPal email address and zip code will have it!

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I'm test-sewing this week, so posts will be thin on the ground. I do have some knitting to share on Thursdays are for Knitting, so come back to see!

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Finally! A Friday Finish

The last time I posted a "finish" was July 25. Must be summertime, huh?

Today I have two finishes -- both are bags.

First up, I finally made a Sew Together bag! Friend Mary taught two classes at Ruth's Stitchery for the Sew Together bag. I have to say, it's not difficult -- but it's a lot easier when someone who has made a dozen or more of the STBs is looking over your shoulder.

Here's mine:

Yes, that's Cotton + Steel 2.5" squares. No, they're not available for retail sale. A friend brought them back to me from Spring Market. The "Cotton + Steel" tape was wrapped around the fat quarter bundle I bought to make the inside:

Megan recommends inserting the zippers with one zipping the opposite direction. It helps reduce bulk.

Susie (not of Magic Binding fame) made this lovely winter STB, and let me photograph it to share with you.

Here's the interior of Susie's bag:

I can't wait to start another one!

While hiding out at Mary's cabin last weekend, I got a good start on a "Beatle Bag" from Abbey Lane Quilts.

I finished it up this morning by hand-stitching down the binding and adding some unique goodies to the interior plastic zip bags.

I love that the pincushion is attached with Velcro, so it can be taken out of the bag when needed elsewhere.

The hardest part for both Mary and for me was finding a ring large enough for the unique closure method.

The longer outside strap wraps around the bag, through the ring and fastens with Velcro on the back:

[Oh yeah, see how well my hand is healing?]

Of course, I had to include one of my new pink "PeaceLoveandHappiness" labels.

Stay tuned for another Sunday De-Stash this weekend!

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back to the WIP Wednesday

Yes, it's been 10 days since my last post! I hate when people say "did you miss me?" (umm, no.) so I won't. I've been "camping" at friend Mary's cabin -- no internet, but gorgeous Colorado Scenery!

A lovely place for some morning stitching:

 And the huge windows face the Colorado sunset:

We spent most of our time working on Abbey Lane's "Beatle Bag." Details to follow!

Once I returned home, I went straight to work on my August UFO challenge. It's the Ryokan quilt, begun two years ago at a block party at Ruth's Stitchery. I've decided to "biggie-size" it to make it fit a full-size bed. Which means eight more blocks.


I'm using Judy Hopkin's "501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks" to choose and sew the additional 6.5" blocks.

501 Rotary-Cut Quilt Blocks

So far I have five completed. You'd think, after 111 size 6.5" blocks for the Farmer's Wife quilt, I'd never want to make "little" blocks again. Especially when I choose "Chinook," which has 75 pieces!

I haven't sewn the "quilt blocks" to the "houses" yet, in case I decide to shift them around a bit.

The sashing is 1.5" squares set in two-patches. I'm using it as my "Leaders and Enders" project. A great way to finish a boring part of the quilt!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

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I hope to have a finished "Beatle Bag" to show you on Friday. Come back and see!

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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sunday Stash and De-Stash

This weekend was the annual Rocky Mountain Quilt Fever Shop Hop. Friend Mary did the driving, since I now have a "Mini" as my main car. Thanks, Mary, for the "free knitting time!"


This year's theme was "Postcards from Colorado." Each shop chose a postcard featuring a Colorado scene, printed on 100% cotton sateen by Jack Davis at Olde America Antiques. The postcards were so popular, several of the shops sold out before the shop hop was over. But they're ordering more, not to worry!

Here are the six postcards I collected during the shop:

I already had two postcards from the same company, so I'm hoping I can  find a way to incorporate them into my "2014 Shop Hop" quilt.

I only added a few cuts of fabric to the stash during the shop hop, but they're quality!

First, for binding, of course:

And 1.75 yards of this adorable "fox" fabric -- I only need 1/4 yard for my planned "Sew Together" bag, so some of it is for a future giveaway:

A shop that wasn't part of the "hop," but always worth a stop, Treelotta is having a "moving sale."

Sorry about the bandages (yes, my hand is almost healed! The silicon gel bandages are to reduce scarring, you know how vain I am about my hands!). I just couldn't resist this layer cake -- don't even know what I'll make with it, but I love the collection!

Remember Joy's "Pocket Full of Rulers" bag in Friday's UFO Parade? Treelotta has the pattern!

Here are some candidates for the 2015 Jelly Roll Party. First, Magnetic Midnight from Seams Like a Dream Quilt Designs.

How cute is this "Pretty Package"  from Susan Marth? It would be perfect for a fabric strip exchange.

I love the little "postcard" quilt patterns from VillaRosa Designs by Pat Fryer. This one is "Gemini." A 52" X 65" quilt requires only 20 strips!

This is a perfect pattern from Prairie Grass Patterns by April Rosenthal -- since I already have Moda's "April Showers" jelly roll!

Friend Mary and I are addicted to the Maple Island quilt patterns. They are so perfect for showing off a really spectacular print! I'm thinking maybe the new Anna Maria Horner re-release of Hand Drawn Garden?

I only recently started following Sam Hunter of Hunter's Design Studio. So I'm delighted to propose "Birch Bark" for a 2015 Jelly Roll Party.

Two people on the DH's "team" at IBM are expecting babies in October. So I picked up "Triangle in a Square" by Karen Montgomery. I'm visualizing something modern -- grey background with a few of the new Kona Cottons.

Because I never have enough "BOMs" (or in this case, blocks of the week)  projects, I picked up the announcement of Fabric Expressions' free block of the week project. It will be free! Just "like" Fabric Expressions on Facebook.

Of course, I've saved the "best for last." I enjoyed two full days of classes with Bill Kerr (missed you, Weeks!) at Quilt Colorado 2014. And my most-recent employer, Current. Inc. is featuring Modern Quilt Studio quilts in their 2015 "The Art of the Quilt" calendar!

I'm excited to flip the page each month and see which quilts I've "seen in person!"


This week's de-stash is 3.5+ pounds of floral prints. The majority are from Northcott's 50-State Flowers Collection. In addition, I've thrown in plenty of green prints that complement the floral prints.

Plus, a copy of Elven Garden Quilt's "Block Flower" pattern. And yes, copyright police, I bought this copy just for the de-stash giveaway notnamingnamesbutyouknowwhoyouarebloghophost.

If you'd like to add some floral prints and this pattern to your stash, it's yours for the cost of postage. Just comment on this post with your PayPal address and zip code. I'll calculate the postage (approx. $12 US and $25 international) and send you a PayPal invoice. When I receive your payment for the postage, it's yours! Sorry, PayPal only.

Believe it or not, I have more blocks for Design Wall Monday! Come back tomorrow to see what I'm making this week!

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