Friday, January 2, 2015

TGIFF: My Year in Temperatures Scarf

The year has ended, and so has My year in Temperatures scarf!

I started last New Year's Day by assigning a color of yarn for each 5-degree difference in temperature. The other MYiT scarves I saw online only used one color each day for the average daily temperature. But in Colorado, our daily temps often vary by as much as 30 degrees! So I decided to knit three rows every day for the low, average, and high temperatures.

I cast on 25 stitches, and each morning while I scrolled through the blogs I follow on Bloglovin', I knit three rows. At the end of each month, I knit three rows of white.

I recorded each day's statistics in a special notebook gifted to me by friend Mary. For the temperatures, I used a neighborhood weather station that is just across the creek from our house.

After a month or so of knitting, I put all the yarns in my "Art Bin." It's on a stand about 30" high, and has a large bag to hold lots of yarn -- I had 24 colors for the entire year. Each yarn "cake" has a breag bag tab with that color's assigned temperature range. The only color I didn't use is the palest pink, assigned to a day when the low was below -15F. Although we got down to -13, the temperature never quite got below -15!

As of January 1, 2015, there were 1095 colored rows and the scarf is 134" long!

It's slightly longer than the Dr. Who scarf I knit last year for DH.

Samosa is pretty sure I knit both of these just for his entertainment.

I thought it would be too long for me to wear, but I think I can wrap it around several times and it will work quite well!

So fun to see the colors change from purples to blues to greens to yellows to oranges, then back to green . . . .

I kind of miss this daily ritual. I might decide to knit another, using only the average daily temperature! 

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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy New Year -- and the last UFO Parade of 2014

What a year! 52 Quilts followers have completed 191 UFOs this year!

Last year, we completed 154 -- I call that good progress. Yes, we'll continue the UFO Challenge in 2015. Go to this post to see how the challenge works.

First, if you're here to find out which of your 12 UFOs to start working on, the January UFO is:

And now, for the final finishes of 2014!

I missed one of Martha's finishes for the December 1 parade. I love this one, Martha, and I'm sorry I didn't get it in the last UFO Parade. The colors make me think of Payette Lake.

Martha's second December finish is called "Enjoy the Ride." She made it for a young biker friend. The pattern is free at Erica's website. Martha didn't include the applique' wheels, and I don't think this quilt needed them!

Gill has really cranked out the finishes in December! First, her Christmas tree skirt:

I think I have one of those buried in the UFOs, Gill!

Next, a second storage box and another superhero coin purse - so my boys presents are ready under the tree. (The coin purses are filled with Euros for our trip to Lapland next week!)

I can't wait to hear about the trip to Lapland. Wild reindeer!

Her boys asked for special quilts and clothes for their teddies. How sweet! Gill made the quilts large enough to be "boy quilts" when the teddies outgrow them.

Look at these tiny clothes she made for the teddies!

My mother would say "that's a jewel in your crown," Gill.

Heather claims she was "easy on herself" this month. Her first finish was pieced -- but I think the quilting and binding is the hardest part!

I'm adding "Next Door Neighbor" to my Pinterest Quilt Dream Sheet (even though it has flying geese!). I love pink and brown.

Be sure to go to Heather's blog, Peachy Pages, for a look at the details of these two beauties.

I love Debra's quilty finish, by Buggy Barn Quilts. Their patterns are the most fun!

Deb's description of this project made me laugh out loud, so I'm going to share it with you:
My finished quilt is by Buggy Barn and it is a class that I took at Paradise Sewing taught by Julanne Bergstrom (the best Buggy Barn teacher around). The quilt is called Crazy as a Bird Dog and everyone who took the class made their dogs in dog-like colors, but because I am different my dogs are "Crazy Bird Dog" dogs. This really wasn't a UFO because I forgot what UFO I was supposed to be working on. I had so many projects going at one time that I forgot what the actual one was that was to be completed. My UFO's are set for next year, however, and they are a-plenty. 
Thanks for the giggle, Debra! 

And these gorgeous towels were embroidered on her Bernina 640. You kind of make me miss doing machine embroidery.

I always look forward to Sandi's "Kwilts." Last month, her Koncentric Konnection was just hours away from being finished by the deadline. Worth waiting for, I say!

Here's what Sandi says about this incredible quilt (cough. kwilt):
 It is a design called Beauty 'n Check by Janice Ellertson and Jodel Yover.  It finished at 44" x 44".  Many of these fabrics came together from my stash.  I did my best to pull in colors from the earthy background.  The orange being hot and the teal being cool really seemed to compliment each other.   It is with Kerry's Quilting right now.  Quilting design will be something custom with probably a white thread.
The K-onstruction of this quilt is detailed on Sandi's blog, KwiltnKats.   

I love black-and-white sparked with a single bright. And Krossings really shines:

December UFO - #11 Krossings was easy to put together once I decided on the fabrics.  I had all of these in my stash.  The purple was the hard one to match from my stash; leaving me only about a one inch strip leftover.  I certainly was perspiring over it...make no mistakes...I thought to myself each time I cut into it.  The background is a little bit crazy, but I am pleased with the overall effect.  I posted about it here  I is a design called Around the Block by Linda Ballard.  It finished at 47" x 47". 
Sandi says she already has her 2015 UFOs picked out --- and four of them are Bonnie Hunter patterns!

Speaking of Bonnie Hunter, Kerry's December finish is Pfefferneuse. Bonnie taught this design when she was in Colorado Springs last year. Wish I had been in town to attend her workshop!

Kerry tells me the fabrics are leftovers from her Dear Jane quilt. Take a look at Kerry's Quilting blog for more details.

One last entry for this month, and for 2014. Here is Debra's "Winston Ways" from Bonnie Hunter.

I enjoyed what Debra wrote about this quilt:
With pure determination I have finished my last quilt for 2014 - Winston Ways by Bonnie Hunter. I pushed and pushed and pushed myself to get this one completed. I had to make that last one for 2014.
That determination is what makes quilters a force to be recokoned with in the world. Remember, 
A year from now,
you may wish you had started today.              --Karen Lamb

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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Hats for Sailors Recipients Assisting with AirAsia Search

Remember this photo from earlier this week?

That's the 513 Hats for Sailors knitted by members of the Ravelry Hats for Sailors group. The recipients of many of these hats serve on the USS Sampson, a Navy destroyer.

I read on the US Navy's facebook page that Sailors on the USS Sampson are aiding in the search for the missing AirAsia plane in the Java Sea. Read more about their efforts, here. If you have access to Facebook, there is an interview with the ship's commanding officer, here.

The blue candle is burning for the USS Sampson, and for all affected by this event.

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Monday, December 29, 2014

End of Year Review

One of the nicest things about being "retired" is not having to write (or receive) employee end of year performance reviews.

But I've seen several "top 10 post" blog posts this morning on blogs I follow. So I decided to take a look at the stats for 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks.

Not surprisingly, the most-viewed post is "Susie's Magic Binding." And I have news on that front -- while home in September, blog co-author, the Younger Son aka My Little Sailor filmed a video of the technique.I haven't received the edited version yet -- maybe I should post his email address so all of you can email him and ask for the video!

I'm pleased that the second-most viewed post explains Hats for Sailors.  The HFS group on Ravelry knitted more than 500 hats this year and presented them to the destroyer USS Sampson, currently deployed in the Western Pacific. Just look at this photo of the hats we knit this year:

(Photo by 3genknit on Ravelry)

The third most-viewed post was the 2011 "Year in Review" of the 52 quilts I pieced that year.  I didn't make it to 52 this year. I'm not even sure exactly how many I pieced, because I failed to record each quilt on my calendar. The link on that post goes to Flickr, where I clearly need to update my photostream!

2015 UFO Challenge

There will be a UFO Challenge for 2015. The last UFO Parade for 2014 will premier on New Year's Day. Just in case you're sorting through the UFOs, here are the guidelines for the UFO Challenge:

Before the "last parade of 2014," let me list the guidelines for the 2015 Challenge. It will run just like the previous UFO Challenges.

Are you ready to challenge yourself to complete some UFOs during 2015?  I know I am!

Here's how it works:
1.  Pull out 12 of your UFOs.  (Notice I didn't say all your UFOs.  I know you have at least 12!)   These can be half-done projects, barely begun projects, or even quilt "kits." 
2.  I put each project in its own 2-gallon size plastic bag.  Saves time I would have spent looking for the pattern or the special template required!
3.  Number each bag 1 - 12.
4.  Come to 52 Quilts the first day of each month in 2015 and I will have posted the number for that month's project.
5.  As you complete your UFO, email a photo to Aunt Marti at 52 quilts dot com. The first of the month, I'll host a "UFO Parade" with photos of your finished projects. It's OK to send in photos early in the month -- I start drafting the post as I receive your photos.
Most importantly, YOU decide what is finished! It can be "bound and ready to give away" or "pieced and ready to quilt." 

As a reward if you've read this far, the first "UFO Number" 
for 2015 is project #2!  
Happy New Year, and I look forward to seeing your last 2014 finishes on Thursday!

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