Thursday, July 10, 2014

Not-Knitting on Thursday

Thursdays are for knitting. But not for me this week. I burned my hand (and eyebrows and arm and nose!) while cooking this past weekend. 

So I can't knit, cut fabric, or run the long-arm machine. Lucky for me, the doc at the Urgent Care had lots of experience treating burns while in the Army -- so I'm hoping I'll be healed up before Quilt Colorado next week!

Cooking is dangerous!

I do have some yummy, scrummy new yarn to show you, though. My friend and yarn-enabler, Deb, the Dishcloth Diva, posted a photo of this yarn on her Facebook page:

I instantly texted her and said "I want some!" Sadly, (ha ha ha) she had already placed her order with Expression Fiber Arts. So I had to make my own order! Only amateurs pay for shipping, so I ordered three skeins to qualify for free shipping.

Here is the other worsted weight skein I ordered:

It's called "Stonewash Sky." Both these skeins will be knit up into Hats for Sailors.

The third skein went to Deb for socks. I miss knitting socks, but my sore wrist just doesn't allow that anymore.

(Photo from Expression Fiber Arts)

Chandi is hosting the biggest giveaway I've ever seen. $1500 worth of yarn, knitting accessories, and books! Go to her blog, here, to enter.

And if you win, promise you'll knit a Hat for a Sailor with any washable wool included in your prize.

Because Cooking is Dangerous, I haven't been able to knit my three-rows-per-day on the My Year in Temperature Scarf. You can still see how the temps have been soaring, though, just by the June-July sections:

Two 90+ days so far. I'm thankful I haven't needed to use my Salmon for 100+ degrees yet!

No finish this week, but I have taken photos for Sunday's De-Stash offer. Come back and see what's available for free!

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  1. "Only amateurs pay for shipping..." Hahaha! So true! :)

  2. You must be feeling frustrated that you cant sew!! wishig you a speedy recovery - and no more dangerous cooking . . . .

  3. Goodness, what were you cooking up? Time to delegate cooking I say, that will be safer and give you more time to sew and knit! Lucky you don't live here in Adelaide as a scarf here in summer would have a large section of salmon! We specialise in 100+ in summer! (that's why I like winter so much!)

  4. OMG, hope you will get well very soon!
    Such nice yarn. I can understand, you had to buy them.
    Greetings, Rike

  5. oh you poor darling, burns can be SO painful, just getting the air on them. I do hope you'll be recovered swiftly.
    I agree about cooking, that's why I leave as much as possible to my husband LOL

  6. Poor thing, I hope all your burns heal up quickly.

  7. I enjoy your blog so much. I'm glad you shared about your burns as now we can all send our prayers and good thoughts your way. I wish you a speedy recovery.


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