Friday, August 16, 2013

TGIFF Two for Friday

Two finishes this week -- pieced, quilted and bound!

First is the Brick Road SAL from Monday's design wall:

Had to include my quilt-hanger's chartreuse running shoes. They just match the flange on the binding!

I quilted this modern quilt in straight lines. For some reason, Meggie (my long arm Mega-Quilter) didn't like the thread I started with. It was Superior Thread's "Omni," and I've used it many times before, but not for straight-line quilting. I tried two different spools of the same thread, and three different bobbin threads. When I finally tried King Tut on the top and Omni on the bobbin, it worked fine.

Next, I finished this Charm School wall hanging. The pattern is "Tea for Three" by Sandy Gervais for Pieces from my Heart. The fabric I used is a charm pack of "simple marks" by Malka Dubrawsky for Moda.

I had to finish it to go with the cute "coffee" sign friends Kathy and Becky sent me from Idaho. Doesn't it make a charming little vignette? I just need to add one of my Starbucks mugs from China. Or Ohio. Or Ireland!

Here is a detail of the quilted "steam" rising from the mug. Thanks, Beck and Kathy!

Linking up to TGIFF at Amy's Crafty Shenanigans.

Tomorrow is Front Range Modern Quilt Guild. I'll be sewing the October Jelly Roll Party Sample! Can you believe it's  only two weeks until the "unofficial" end of Summer, Labor Day?

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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

WIP Wednesday: BOM Rehab

Remember how I confessed that I have ten (that would be 10!) blocks of the month going?  And how I was going to do my summer "block a day" by sewing one BOM block each day?

If I count the easy blocks I made for Monday's "Design Wall Monday" and the blocks I made for today's Mystery Block Party at Ruth's Stitchery, I am right up to date -- it's the 55th day of summer, and I've made 61 blocks..  However, I haven't made 61 BOM blocks.

I'm up to date with "Ryokan."

Like that one with the door on the right-hand side? I think I may leave it like that, just to see if anyone notices!

And I'm only two months behind on my Marti Michell BOMs:

These are two different patchwork parties -- one is from 2010, one is new this year. But some of the blocks are the same, so I am doing them two-at-a-time.

{Coming back online to link up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!}

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Good thing I'm on "retreat" this week! I should have Monday's "Brick Road" quilt finished by Friday, hope you come back to see!

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Design Wall On-the-Road

I know, I know, I swore I wasn't going to take any more trips until my "big" trip in February. But when one's  BFF asks one to spend the week sewing at her "cabin" in the mountains, one does not quibble. One packs!

Here is what I am taking to sew on this week (one of several, of course!):

It's the "Brick Road SAL" from SunFlower Seeds. I started it with the sew along back in April, then got caught up in quilt retreat and quilt camp and magazine sewing and test-sewing bags, and well . . . you know how it goes!

The fabrics are the gorgeous Free Spirit Designer Solids from Amy's 2013 Sugar Block Club. I'm sewing my blocks from Bonnie & Camille's "Vintage Modern," because I don't want mine to look just like Amy's! So I have these lovelies to use for my Brick Road. The background will be the ubiquitous Kona Cotton in Ash. Or maybe charcoal. But not black!

I have blog posts written and scheduled for the rest of the week, so you won't even notice I'm gone. Except I won't be answering comments until the weekend -- no internet in the mountains! Wheee!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sunday is for (Disappearing) Scraps

When I was procrastinating on my Scrap Squad quilt, I spent an afternoon re-organizing the fabric collection. I came across this packet of 6.5" squares from Great American Quilts:

I'm not sure what I had in mind when I bought them, but somehow this morning "Disappearing Nine Patch" popped into my head. This is one of the easiest scraps quilts ever!

The technique I used requires one solid (in this case, white) square and eight print squares. Arrange in a nine patch with the white square in the center.  Sew squares together and press. I pressed away from the white square.

Cut across the center vertically, then horizontally.  Because I used 6.5" squares, I lined up the 3" line on my 24" ruler to cut. This is a time when it's handy to be able to get to both sides of your cutting table -- I just moved myself around the corner to make the horizontal cut:

Et voila! four 9" blocks:

Now the fun part -- experimenting with layouts! I made three nine patches, so I have 12 blocks to play with. An excellent size for a baby quilt.

First, white square in upper left corner of every block:

I would have to add a sashing strip to the right side for this layout, or it would bother me that there are no white squares on the right-hand side.

Maybe one row with the white square on the upper right, then one row with the white square in the upper left?

 This would be a pain because of all the matching corners -- and this is supposed to be an easy quilt!

How about upper-right/lower-left/upper-right? Then reverse for the next row: At least it isn't off-center.

 I was trying to make a zig-zag design when I lost interest!

There are dozens of Disappearing Nine Patch variations on Pinterest. Here is a link to my Pinterest page for scrappy quilts with a few of my favorites.

Linking up to Kim's Big Quilting Adventure for  "Scrap Basket Sunday."

Scrap Basket Sunday

Yesterday, we broke our record of 13 days in a row with rain -- so I'm trying to mow the lawn before it rains again! 

In between mowing sessions, I have been whipping out BOM Rehab blocks. Come back tomorrow to see what's on the design wall!

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