All About Aunt Marti

Everyone should have an Aunt Marti -- now you do, too!

My two boys are both twenty-something tech savvy types who call me "end loser." 
The younger one (Younger Son or My Little Sailor) nagged me into starting a blog when his brother (Elder Son) pointed out this time last year that I was on track to make 52 quilts in 52 weeks. After that, it was all over but the Blogger registration.

I made my first quilt in 1976 while I was waiting for my fiancee' to return from Air Force technical training school so we could get married. It was a log cabin, using Eleanor Burn's pattern. This was before rotary cutters -- we "snipped" the selvage and tore across the width of the fabric! It was made from blue and mauve calico, and I donated it to the Salvation Army twenty years later. 

Favorite quilting tip from my mother: "Measure twice (that's 2, two, TWO TIMES); cut once!"

Your Aunt Marti runs her new MegaQuilter Longarm quilting Machine


  1. Love the blog and as a transplanted San Franciscan, your orange blouse wows me - we love our orange here for the second time in three years !~! World Series Champs (that's baseball) in 2010 and now again in 2012.

    Thanks to your tach savvy son for the blog "clean-up" altho I don't know what magic he performed, I suspect it was needed and has helped a lot. Thanks for sharing your quilt journey.

  2. You have a happy smiling face! Bet you are a terrific gal to know.

    Marti, I can not say enough about the tutorial on that rollover- with flange- binding!!! And sewing it down by machine too. WOWOWOW. This is going to be tried on my next (now being pieced) quilt. TOO EASY!!!
    PS I am a Bonnie K. Hunter Scrap Quilter...after almost 45 years quilting, I am so happy to have found her...and now YOU too!

  3. Hi Marti, thank you for visiting my blog and I've come to have a read of yours. I've so enjoyed reading some of your posts :-)

  4. Hi Aunt Marti, I loved seeing the sailor sewing from this past month. When I was in the military, I too sewed patches on uniforms, but I was in the Army stationed in Mannheim, Germany from 1978 to 1983. I sewed using my mom's Singer Featherweight Portable. I even made many of my children's baby clothes when I got out of the service overseas, because my babies were much more slender than the German babies. Thanks for the fond reminder.

  5. thank you for the wonderful tutorial on magic bindindpg, I will have o try this, it looks pretty easy. yeah, famous last words!!

  6. Hi Aunt Marti,
    Another pin here for your map ~ Puyallup WA USA
    I am really enjoying my journey finding great information on your blog. I so admire your yearly goals ~ Thirteen in 13 and 52 Quilts/52 Weeks WOW!
    Thanks for your caring and sharing.

  7. I would love to win the drawing, but also want you to know, I have tried leaving comments on your site, twice, and forgot my stupid google password,so here it goes again, if you get this comment 3 times, I apologize. Anyway, enjoy your blog, and want you to know, I like sewing, have made numerous quilts for our family, some friends, but are currently working on a "Delectable Mountain" quilt by Eleanor Burns, it looked hard, so it took me 2 years of studying it, and thinking I can actually make it. So far, so good, have gotten some of the blocks done. Anyway, keep up your good blog, Thanks, Carolyn Hoxton

  8. i enjoyed reading about your blog and how it came to be. i love to read how people came to be quilters and how their families deal with a quilter's obsession. i started quilting when i was sixteen and pregnant. i had a lot of complications with my pregnancy, so i had to find something i could do while on bedrest. i made my daughter a quilt and as they say the rest is history. so i have quilted for over forty years. all of my quilts are hand pieced, hand quilted and donated to charity. my income is less than four hundred dollars monthly for disability, so buying fabric is not an option. if you ever have any scraps, ufos tops, etc. that you dont have time to do, i would be honored to finish them and donate them. keep up the great job on your blog. i enjoy reading it and all the helpful info you have.

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