Saturday, November 21, 2015

Blogiversary: Four Years of 52 Quilts

It's hard to believe today is the fourth anniversary of the first post on 52 Quilts.

The very first photo I shared was of a lap quilt made for my Mother's 92nd birthday. The pattern is "Butter Charm and Jelly" by Legacy Patterns.

When my Mother died not long after receiving this quilt, my sister took it to a nearby nursing home. She gave the quilt to a lady whom the staff reported "never spoke." When Julia put the quilt on the woman's lap, the recipient stroked the quilt and murmured, "So pretty, so pretty." And that's why we quilt, isn't it?

I often tell the story of how "52 Quilts in 52 Weeks" came to be. In case you've never heard the tale, here is what I wrote on the occasion of the 500th follower giveaway:

I started the "52 Quilts in 52 Weeks" blog two-and-a-half years ago in response to the Younger Son's nagging. 
It was November of 2011, and in July of that year I had mentioned that I had made 36 quilts so far that year. Elder Son said, "You've almost made a quilt a week!" I took up the challenge, and for the rest of that year, and the next, and the next --- I made one quilt (top) per week.
Younger Son insisted I should start a blog, so Thanksgiving week he set up a design on Blogger for me. 
I remember how excited I was when my friend Amy became my very first follower! And Randi of Fresh-Squeezed Fabrics was the first person to comment.
A lot has happened in the past four years -- a lotta quilts under the needle! I didn't make 52 quilts this year, but I did knit 52 Hats for Sailors! Along with teaching the Jelly Roll Party every month, I've taken a job at Ruth's Stitchery cutting fabric and sharing the fun of quilting with our customers.

Time for a Giveaway!

From that first follower (thanks, Amy!) to 850+ on Bloglovin' and nearly 800 on Google, as well as 1300+ on Facebook, it's you, the dedicated followers, who have made Aunt Marti's 52 Quilts a success.

Thank you!

Since it's the 4th Blogiversary, I'm giving away four quilt kits from my stash. I hope you find one you like!

Giveaway #1:

is "Arcadia" by Sanae for Moda. The quilt will finish at 66" X 76". 

Giveaway #2:

1930s reproduction fabrics are back in vogue, and here is a darling little jelly roll quilt from Me and My Sister Designs. "Strawberry Lemonade" is packaged in a matching tin, and the quilt finishes at 60" square. 

Giveaway #3:

Direct from Paducah, Kentucky, "Housetop" from the Quilts of Gee's Bend. This kit of hand-dyed fabrics will make a 57" X 65" quilt.
Giveaway #4:

Designed by Pat Bravo for Art Gallery Fabrics, "Monaco" is made of 8" blocks and finishes at 58.5" square.

So how to win?
  1. This giveaway is to celebrate followers of 52 Quilts in 52 weeks, so you must be a follower. Either by Bloglovin' or Google Friend Connect, or via email.
  2. Make a comment on this post to say you're a follower. Tell me which kit you like best!
  3. For another entry, follow @52Quilts on Instagram. Comment to say you're a follower.
  4. For a third entry, "like" 52 Quilts on Facebook. Comment to say you've "liked" 52 Quilts.
  5. International entries welcome!
  6. No-reply comments will be disregarded unless contact information is included.
  7. Giveaway ends at noon MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) next Saturday, November 28, 2015. 

Thank you all, for making Aunt Marti's 52 Quilts so much fun. I appreciate you!

From the desk of your auntmartisignature

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday: Downton Abbey

Are you a Downton Abbey fan? We viewers in the US are counting the days until January 3, 2016 , when the final season of Downton begins. UK fans -- don't tell me what happens!

I decided I should finish up my two Downton Abbey quilts before the final season begins. Thanks to a major blizzard in Colorado Springs today, I had a full day to sew and sleep. Look how much I got done on Ladies of Downton Abbey:

More than half the blocks for this quilt! Our school district is closed tomorrow, so I should be able to get the quilt top almost finished. Yay for snow days!

Saturday is my 4th Blogiversary -- come back to celebrate with a big giveaway!

From the desk of your auntmartisignature