Friday, August 1, 2014

August 2014 UFO Parade

How fun! The number for the 8th month is:

The first finish for the August parade came in on July 2 -- Martha in Idaho was getting ready for summer travels, so she finished early this month!

This is a "nap monster" wrap for a pre-schooler. Isn't it clever?

Here's a closeup of the face:

Cute, huh? 

Joy's July finish needs three photos to tell the story.

I'll let Joy explain:
A Pocket Full of Rulers!  I know...I's not a quilt, but it is a 3 yr old UFO.  I bought the pattern and fabrics in 2011 when my Mom, sister, and I Quilted Across TX. The bag by Bella Nonna features pockets for rulers and my 17x23 cutting mat fits inside.  It is perfect for carrying my cutting supplies to TX on our annual quilting retreat and to classes around town.  It was quilted in 4-layers, and then sewn and bound together.
Joy sent the link for the designer's website, in case you need one of these also: it's Bella Nonna.

Reyna is a newcomer to 52 quilts, who heard about the UFO Challenge from Elisa. Reyna started this jelly roll quilt in October 2012, and says she tells all her friends about the Challenge because "we all have so many UFOs!"

Here is "Let's Jam!"

And isn't this back wild?

Debra has two -- no, three! -- finishes this month. First up is a mystery by Pam Buda of Heartspun Quilts. The name of the quilt is Market Day Sew-Along and consisted of 10 parts which were put on Pam's blog every Friday. Pam gave instructions for a large and small version and Deb did both:

Wait! Here is another finish by Debra! And I thought quilters took the summer off!

This is "Metro Main Street" from Harriett Hargrave's Quilter's Academy Vol. 2 - Sophomore Year. Deb says she has trouble with on-point quilts, but Harriet's instructions are helping her get over her fear on diagonal sets. I'll say, Deb!

She also made a second of Bonnie Hunter's "Orca Bay." I love Bonnie's quilts, but they do have a lot of pieces! So many, in fact, that the last row isn't yet attached. Debra's "Orca Bay" will be the first quilt in the September UFO Parade.

Oh, Look! Here's another finish from Martha-in-Idaho! This one is called Bricks and Mortar and Martha is gifting it to a sailing friend:

I have to share Gill's description of summer, because it made me laugh!
The summer is great sewing time for me because my boys are at home for the holidays, so I can sew each morning before we go out and do activities together - instead of the usual packing of school bags, packing my work bags, making breakfast and driving the boys to two different schools in two different directions then on to work before doing the school runs in the opposite order at the end of the day, then driving between sports clubs and activities! Now we can relax. I'm a School Psychologist so the summer is nice and quiet for me. So the opposite of most people - summer holidays are sewing time!
Clearly, Gill sews up a storm in summer, look at these finishes:

First is this clever "Lighthouse" quilt -- click on the photo to see the detail. Then, she made this octagonal pillow from the scraps:

And this "peg bag." We call clothes-pegs "clothespins" here, and I need a bag like this to use on my clothesline! I love to hang sheets outside to dry, it makes them smell so fresh!

Did you see my post about my Sew Together bag?  Gill made one, too! Love these fabrics, Gill.

Way to make good use of your summer vacay!

Another multiple finisher! Reyna finished this patriotic quilt to donate, and blogs about it on her blog, Yarn In, Yarn Out:

I think Elisa wins the "oldest UFO in history" prize with this one from 1988. Isn't the quilt holder a darling?

Be sure to go to her blog, here, to read the story. 

Mary has a quilt in the current issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited. Since it was to appear in the magazine, she couldn't share it until now. Which also meant the binding didn't get finished until July -- hey, it counts, Mary!

Here is Mary's blog post at Zippy Quilts about her quilt.  The magazine is now available at Barnes & Noble and JoAnn, but I subscribe online because I hate to wait for the paper copy! Here is a link to Modern Quilts Unlimited if you want to go digital, too.

I will definitely be making this quilt, Mary. Congratulations!

Sue was determined to "use up" the Christmas charms she received in a charm square swap. I love the way she "bound" the first one:

You'll have to go to her blog, Sue's Quilty Bits and Bobs, to see the back and how she finished it.

Here are two more -- Sue is ahead on her Christmas gift list, isn't she?


Irene made this darling "sock monkey" quilt for the grandson of her college roommate. It's "quilt as you go," so when it's pieced, it's finished! Details on her blog, A Serendipitous Retirement.

Irene, I hope you will include the pattern source when you blog this quilt. It looks perfect for Quilts of Valor.

Designer Pam Buda makes another appearance in this month's parade. This time, with a quilt finished by Heather. I love how Heather used the leftover pinwheels from "Lockridge Mill," her June finish. 

Really, you should go to Heather's blog, Peachy Pages, to see the close-ups of this beauty. 

I laughed and laughed when I read Sandi's description of sewing her July finish  on her blog, KwiltnKats. I made this same quilt a few years ago, and about tore out my hair making the cats' tails match up right!

Sandi, your "Kool Kats Kwilt" turned out great! 

Noela has one lucky sister. Noela made this cute "wine bottles" table runner for her birthday. Of course, we call it "apple juice" here. 

Be sure to click on the photo so you can see the bottles!

Betsy finished "Harmonic Convergence," a Ricky Tims design:

I can't wait to see what she does with the quilting on this one!

Becky is another multiple-finisher this month. First, a "quick" charity quilt for Project Linus. Becky says, "At least, the top went together quickly, but then it sat on a shelf for about 8 months.  I got my friends in The Knotty Club to help me tie it and bound it with Susie's Magic Binding (of course!) so it can finally go bless a child."

Her second finish is also being donated, this one to Quilts of Compassion which I heard about on Bonnie's blog. It should get to them in time for their August deployment to help tornado victims in the Midwest. The pattern is from Bonnie Hunter, "Scrappy Mountain Majesty."

Well done, Becky! Your generosity will be rewarded.

Whew! That's a lot of finishes for the summer holidays -- 23! Mr. Random chose Reyna as the winner of the UFO Parade giveaway. I have two packets of "candies" (2.5" squares) and a Miss Rosie's Quilt Co. pattern for you Reyna.

Today is the Rocky Mountain Quilt Fever Shop Hop -- so I should have some fun new stash to share on Sunday. Come back and see!

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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

All Together Now: WIP Wednesday

Finally, yes, finally -- I'm making my own Sew Together bag!

Here's the one friend Mary made:

I love the covered-button zipper pull. Cute, huh?

Here are my interior fabrics and zippers:

Couldn't get them all in one photo. Here's a close-up:

I know, the zippers aren't all facing the same direction. Megan cleverly advised having the zippers open at opposite sides of the bag to reduce bulk when they are all three closed.

And here is my exterior, pieced from 2.5" squares:

Recognize some of those prints? Why yes, that is Cotton + Steel!

Class is tonight and tomorrow morning at Ruth's Stitchery. I can't wait!

In the meanwhile, I'm putting together the August 1st UFO Parade. Have you sent me a photo of your July finish?

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Monday, July 28, 2014

New on the Design Wall

I finished my first 30 "A Quilt Block a Day" Shoo-Fly Blocks. So I'm starting a baby quilt of more Shoo-Flies.

These blocks will finish at 12", so each plain piece is cut to 4.5". I'm using some of my hoarded Lizzie House collection.

It takes more time to choose and fussy-cut each block than it does to sew it!  But who can resist hedgehogs?

Or butterflies?

The rest of the blocks may not be a single main color like these, but I'm having fun choosing the prints for each.

I need to get caught up on my BaDs, so I can finish the Transparency Quilt I started at Quilt Colorado!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sunday Stash and De-Stash

I have something exciting for today's stash!


A former shipmate of My Little Sailor, Danielle is now stationed in Bahrain. She reports shopping in the local market is one of her favorite off-duty activities. And just look what she found!

This is silk, embroidered with golden thread. The yardage is narrow, only about 20" wide. That dark blue on the right is really a lovely teal-blue colored jacquard.

 The width is perfect for dressy shawls, and each is two-three yards long.

Here is a close-up of the gold-embroidered beaks on the birds:


Aren't they incredible? I don't know what I'll do with them, but right now they are hanging above the design wall. Everytime I walk by them, I have to stop and admire the gorgeous colors.

I can't decide what this piece is supposed to be -- I thought at first it was a "stole," such as that worn by ministers in some churches. But the minister would have to be 8 feet tall to wear this! Maybe Danielle will see my post and let me know what the seller told her it is for.

Danielle, you're a sweetie to think of me!


Maybe you've seen photos of the famous red-and-white quilt exhibit at the American Folk Art Museum back in 2011? Here's your chance to make your own, for just the price of postage!

Both pieces are from Alex Anderson's "Romance" collection for P&B Textiles. There are 5.5 yards of the red-on-white and 2.25 yards of the white-on-red.

If you've always wanted to make a red and white quilt, comment on this post with your PayPal address and zip code. I'll calculate the postage and send you an invoice. It will fit in a medium flat-rate box, $12.35 US or $25 to Britain.  

I'm making more Shoo-Fly blocks today, come back tomorrow to see what's on the design wall!

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