Friday, March 11, 2016

Finally Friday: A Video Tutorial Review

I was lucky enough to be asked to write a review of a new online video course from iquilt, in exchange for free access to the course. Although I received the course for free, all opinions are my own.

The course is "Solids Revolution" with Weeks Ringle. First, a photo of the finished project!

(Modern Quilt Studio copyright 2016)

Here is my review:

Whether your quilting style is traditional, modern – or modern-traditional – Weeks Ringle has great tips and tricks for you in “Solids Revolution." This video is hosted on, a new instructional platform sponsored by Bernina and the American Quilting Society.

Weeks co-founded “Modern Quilt Studio” with her husband, Bill Kerr, in 1999.  But “Solids Revolution” isn’t just for modern quilters, or even just for inexperienced quilters. I’ve been quilting for 40 years, and I learned so much from this video. Do you know how to line up blocks across sashing? Weeks has a great method for ensuring even triangle blocks line up from row to row!

The iquilt video display includes a pop-up “notes” link, so you can take notes right on your computer screen. And questions are answered by the instructor via email – so if you have to ask a “stupid question,” no one sees it save you and your instructor! [I guess my question wasn't really "stupid" -- I asked about sewing a quarter-inch seam with the walking foot. Weeks answered quickly, the Bernina walking foot has a quarter-inch mark.]

“Solids Revolution” includes detailed instructions to make the “Fun House” quilt. The downloadable instructions feature cutting charts for each section of the quilt, a supply list, and optional color choices for your personal quilt. My favorite is the blank “Fun House Coloring Page,” so students can try out various color combinations on paper before committing to fabric. The instruction sheets are especially nice, as quilters won’t need to write down measurements while watching the video. 

The final lesson includes a graphic visual on what happens when your quarter-inch seam isn’t exactly one-quarter inch. Weeks winds up the course with ideas for choosing quilting thread and quilting your quilt. I never realized that quilting thread appears darker in the “valleys” of seams on the quilt!

Weeks’ friendly, personal style of speaking makes the viewer feel that Weeks is right there, talking to you! I’m so excited to choose fabrics for my own “Fun House” quilt. 

I'm thinking it would be fun to make each column in "Fun House" a different color study. Column one, complementary colors. Column two, split complementary. Column three, analogous. Column four, monochromatic. Column five, rainbow -- ROY G BIV!

I'm particularly impressed with the videography on the platform. Transitions from full-screen view to close-up were smooth. Weeks doesn't fidget, chew her lip, or giggle when she misspeaks. All that I expect when paying for a video tutorial!

Take a look at to see all the videos available.

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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Sunday Stash

Ever indulge in some retail therapy? After the loss of our Oliver corgi last weekend, I didn't tell myself "no" when I found some new fabric bundles.

Even when I'm not sad, I can't resist an Art Gallery stash box. Really, I need to make a plan to use some of these beauties!

 One of my favorite shops was in Kimberly, Idaho. They have since converted to online only -- and I'm so pleased with this bargain low-volume bundle!

My niece Tracey, a new grandma, posted on BariJ's Instagram page that "baby Louanna Lynn needs a dress made from this fabric."

As you wish, I replied!

Hoping little LuLu grows up to be a horse lover!

My bosses at Ruth's Stitchery generously gifted all their employees with a Ruth's gift card at Christmas. I thought I had lost mine, then found it in a stack of unread quilt magazines.

Yay! I chose this Tula Pink bundle as a special Christmas gift to myself!

While searching for a pattern for a customer, I came across this new pattern. I'm planning to make it with some of the Michael Miller Cotton Couture fabrics now stocked at Ruth's!

I know in my heart I have a collection of Anna Maria Horner fabrics, but for the life of me -- I can't find them! (If you've seen my quilt room, you won't be surprised!) I want to make a quilt using these incredible new AMH backgrounds, just received at Ruth's.

I spied a great quilt made with AMH's bright "True Colors" collection and the "Bleached" colorway of "Skipping Stones." Such a unique new group of backgrounds!

Finished the top of my Kona "Highlights" quilt today. 
Can't wait to see Denise's quilting on it!

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