Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Block-a-Day Variation

You may have read my post where I announced that Karen Snyder of AnnaLena Land is not sponsoring the "Block a Day" project for Summer.  I decided instead to make one BOM block each day through the summer -- goodness knows, I have at least 90 blocks to finish all my BOMs! When I bemoaned this fact, Sinta Renee of Pink Pincushion blog suggested I cut out one block each evening, then it would be ready to sew up the next morning.

What a clever idea, Sinta! So I launched my own "Summer BOM Rehab," and I'm going to make one BOM block each day until September 22, the first day of Autumn.

My first BOM project is "Amish With a Twist." I started it as a Block Party at Ruth's Stitchery. Like most of my blocks of the month, I started out going great guns, then it languished. I had four blocks completed when I launched my Summer BOM Project. Now I have six blocks complete, and the sashing/border blocks up to date:

Left to right, top row: Rail Fence, Four Patch, Nine Patch with sashing. Middle row: Half-square Triangles Pinwheel, Half-Square Triangles Star, Half-Square Triangles Hourglass. Bottom row: Stitch-and-Flip Snowball, Square in a Square (border).

After I complete each day's BOM block, I can work on my June UFO. I have 9 of 20 blocks finished, and thanks to Bonnie Hunter's bonus triangles idea, I have many of the border HSTs ready.

It looks like most of my blocks are pink and blue, but that's just because those are the ones I made first. The sashing will be sunshine-y yellow.

The smoke from our Colorado wildfires is blowing away from Colorado Springs, so I can leave the house more often now. Nice for me, but bad for getting my UFOs finished!

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Remember, you can join the 13 in 2013 challenge at any time. If you finish a UFO this month, send me a photo in an email before Sunday, June 30, and I'll include it in the June UFO parade!

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  1. What a great idea - a BOM block a day. I'm just finishing up the top to Amish With a Twist. I really had to fuss quite a bit to get the piano-key borders to fit perfectly. I love your second UFO too. So pretty.

    1. Thanks for the warning -- I've already decided to do the outside border differently, I don't care for the applique'!

  2. Crumbs, Marti, you are going to have a busy summer! :o)

  3. Loving the Amish with a twist. Such bright fun colours.

    1. Thanks! I think I'm going to use another color for the background, I want that black for a black-and-white sailboat quilt!

  4. Working to get my June project over the line...good luck with that block prep each night...

  5. For most new things I try, like a fitness regime or eating plan or rules to "live by" I start out going great guns and then it languishes! I can relate to that with your rule for sewing a BOM a day. I probably have 90 to work on as well.


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