Friday, June 28, 2013

A last-minute Friday Finish!

Whew! Talk about just under the wire -- I finally finished my June UFO, only two days before the UFO Parade

This is "Country Sunshine" from the 2002 edition of Better Homes & Gardens "Quilting Ideas" magazine. The designer is Rhoda Nelson.

It's cloudy and about to storm in Colorado, so I had to take the photo inside. The border is actually a pretty lavender and yellow 30s reproduction print.

I need to do a tutorial on lining up sashing pieces, see?

I know how to do that, I just was in a hurry and didn't think of it until I hung the quilt on the design wall and saw that my borders don't line up in this one block!

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  1. Darn that! But if its only one block you have done exceedingly well. And we wouldn't have noticed it in the photo.

  2. So cheerful and bright. I gave up on the straight corners and have had so much fun since. I love the Gee's Bend Women and how they paved the way for creative but not compulsive.

  3. Pretty! And I think we have all had those sashing moments. :-)

  4. I love that you finished a pattern called Country Sunshine in time for a storm! One slightly off border is no problem in my opinion!

  5. No worries about that block -- you can't even see it in the overall photo. Great job, Aunt Marti!


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