Monday, November 12, 2012

100 Blocks Winner

I almost forgot about the blog this weekend.  We celebrated Thanksgiving while My Little Sailor was home yesterday, along with Elder Son and Lovely Girlfriend (LG).  I was so proud to see MLS light the chalice at church while wearing his dress blues.  Not a dry eye in the house when the Religious Education Director read a story about a Daddy going on deployment, and his son making him a hug to take along.

I did remember you, however, and the "true Random Number Generator" has spoken.  The winner of my extra copy of "100 Blocks vol. 6" is:

Who turns out to be from Germany!

Ratama needs a "My Little Sailor" to nag her into completing the "About Me" entry on blogger.  But I can tell you, she is doing the Craftsy Block of the Month, and learning to free motion quilt!  She blogs at My World and lucky for me, has included a "translate" button on her blog!

As you can see, Ratama liked the "Happy Puppy" block AND the batik "Shortcut" block.  I think she should have both, don't you?

Ratama, send me your postal address and I'll get your magazine and blocks off to you in Germany this week!

My Little Sailor returns to Japan later this week, so blog posts will be scarce. In the meanwhile, I am researching different solid-colored fabrics to recommend to my Local Quilt Shop.  What is your favorite when you want a solid fabric?

From the desk of your auntmartisignature


  1. Black, of course. But I really love Kona's Stone too. It's amazing what a fantastic neutral it is and how many other colours it works with.

  2. JIEPPPPPIIIIEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Thank you so much! Dipdidip, I'm dancing around my computer and can't write anymore! Thank you, Mr. Random :-) And I will complete my Profile on Blogger soon... maybe... ;-)

  3. Kona stone is a keeper but green tea is my current favorite. Or maybe kona pansy.

  4. Hi, your packet arrives today! Big, big Thank You!


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