Thursday, November 8, 2012

WIP - Thursday?

I'm sure there was a Wednesday this week -- but I missed it!  I've been working hard on quilting some of the 51 tops I've pieced so far in 2012.  My professional long-arm quilter and friend, Ann, teased me into committing to quilting 30 of my quilt tops by the end of the year.  My plan is to quilt on odd-numbered days and bind on even-numbered days.  If I get a quilt bound, as a reward, I get to piece the rest of that day!

So far, I'm right on schedule:

Here are the quilts I've quilted so far:

#1 is a mystery quilt I pieced early in the year.  It went to a friend who hooked up the new TV/DVD in my sewing room.  Phillip's daughter sent me a really cute photo of him sleeping under this quilt!

My Little Sailor (MLS) was the quilt-holder for this photo, and he persuaded Oliver to pose also!

#2 is a baby quilt for a friend of MLS.  She recently became a Grandma, and MLS did some of the quilting. This is our first attempt at quilting spirals!

Quilt #3 is for my neighbor who retired from teaching foreign languages at the nearby middle school.  I had fun deciding on the quilt design for the triangle blocks -- but when I got almost to the bottom, OOPS!

That red and white stripe is the leader on Meggie -- not the backing of the quilt.  The batting is too short!  I quilted as far as I could, then took the quilt off the longarm and added batting.  I quilted the border on my Juki.  It doesn't look as good as the rest of the quilting, but cotton batting and a good machine wash hide a multitude of quilterly mistakes!

Here is a closeup of my quilting design.  I need to learn how to quilt the sashing and the blocks without starting and stopping at each block --

Yesterday's quilt is one I test-sewed for the designer.  I experimented with Denyse Schmidt's signature quilting pattern, but it made the sashing curve unevenly.  Next time I will be more careful about keeping the edges taut while I'm quilting.

This pattern is not as easy to quilt as it looks!

Ann says the only way to get better at quilting on the long-arm is to quilt on the long arm!

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  1. OH My Goodness! So are so busy!!! And, all of your quilts are wonderful.
    I am especially fond of little pups and Oliver is just too stinkin' cute. I told my DH I wanted a Corgi but we ended up with Scooter instead.... I love me some WeenieDoggies too!

  2. I think Ann is right - the same as free motion quilting - I hate it and I don't do it because I hate it and on it goes . . .
    I still cant believe how much you get through

  3. Wow! And here I was impressed you were so close to your goal weeks ago - now you'd got an insane quilting goal, I love it! I'd wish you luck but you seem very good at accomplishing what you set your mind to so I don't think you need it ;)

  4. I love quilt No 3. But then I'm a big fan of bright colours! MLS did a great job holding the quilt and Oliver (although he looks a little reluctant) is clearly the star of the photo!

  5. What a challenge!!! I do not think wimps like me could handle such goals. But I can dream and watch you do it;-)

    blessings, jill
    found you from Glinda's quilts


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