Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Finished Friday: 8/30

Can you believe I'm still on track to quilt and bind 30 quilts in 60 days?  My friend asked how I've stayed up to speed with My Little Sailor at home.  Umm -- I mostly quilted small quilts!

Here are my two latest:

Jelly Filled is from 2011,  made with a "Me and My Sister Designs" jelly roll, "Happy."

Couldn't resist the "Lady Diana" shot!

This one doesn't have a home as yet.  My plan is to fill a shelf with "ready to hand off" quilts, and this is the first one on the shelf!

Our kitten, Domino, loves to sit on DH's lap while he is watching news shows on TV.  She won't sit on bare legs, so I quilted and bound "Square Foot Gardening" for her.  All my cats have "food names," e.g. "Marmalade," "Chutney," and "Chocolate Mousse."  When we got Domino, I asked the neighbor girls what food name we could use for a black and white kitty that wasn't "Oreo."  Alyssa suggested "Domino," because dominos are black and white, and Dominos is our favorite pizza!

You can see the "philodendron leaves" quilting design I used.  "Square Foot Gardening" is my original design for Sunday is for Scraps.

Notice the blue suede shoes?  I put the label on the right side of this quilt, because DH was the first one to notice the typo on my labels:

Tomorrow is Front Range Modern Quilt Guild -- I'll be back next week with photos of our ornament exchange!

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  1. Nice job! I especially love the square foot gardening quilt because my little man of only 7 is a budding botanist in the works! God has gifted him with a passion and ability to identify and take care of plants and tress. He knows what a philodendron is, that's for sure! LOL I might have to make him a square foot garden quilt. He would be over the top excited for it!

    Cute cat names! And yes, I had to wonder how you get so many quilts done so fast. They aren't king sized! LOL I need to learn from you and make smaller quilts. :)

  2. Wow Marti! Do you ever sleep???

  3. Pace love and happiness. Nice. I think if we all focused a bit more on "pace", we'd have a bit more "peace". :)

    You're a star!


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