Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WIP Wednesday: 30 Quilts in 60 Days

I'm still on track!  Today is the 14th of November, and I've quilted 7 quilts and bound 6.

Here are the next two of my 30 quilts in 60 days.

First, "Cherish Nature," the largest quilt I have quilted.  I quilted an all-over loops and swirls design using a teal "Omni" thread from Superior Threads:

It took both guys to hold this one over the edge of the deck so I could photograph it!

The next "finish" is hanging in my kitchen.  "Dimestore" is a Schnibbles pattern by Carrie Nelson.  My Little Sailor held up his Kindle so you can judge the size of this quilt.  I quilted it on my Juki (Zippy) using white Omni thread at 1/4" away from each seam.

Not a quilt, but displayed in my kitchen next to "Dimestore," I just think these plates are funny.  Misplaced apostrophes make me crazy!

I bought them here.  It's a little hard to read the bottom plate -- the rule is, "it's" means "it is."  "Its" means "belongs to."  Don't you cringe every time you read a blog post with grammar mistakes?

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  1. I love those plates!
    I used to consider myself a grammar nerd- but I think it's the lazy that takes over!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Your quilts are beautiful! 'Love your fun plates -- I am loosening up on my grammar fixation as I've gotten older, but I love the 'punctuation saves lives' tshirts (Let's eat, Grandma; Let's eat Grandma)

  3. I know I leave out apostrophes when they should be there or vice versa. Fortunately spell check gets most of them - but please don't (dont????) cringe if you read some of mine where I got it wrong - just always in a hurry and a bad typist to boot!

  4. Do you know the "blog" of unnecessary "quotation marks?" You might enjoy it ... Or it could just make you crazy :-)


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