Friday, January 2, 2015

TGIFF: My Year in Temperatures Scarf

The year has ended, and so has My year in Temperatures scarf!

I started last New Year's Day by assigning a color of yarn for each 5-degree difference in temperature. The other MYiT scarves I saw online only used one color each day for the average daily temperature. But in Colorado, our daily temps often vary by as much as 30 degrees! So I decided to knit three rows every day for the low, average, and high temperatures.

I cast on 25 stitches, and each morning while I scrolled through the blogs I follow on Bloglovin', I knit three rows. At the end of each month, I knit three rows of white.

I recorded each day's statistics in a special notebook gifted to me by friend Mary. For the temperatures, I used a neighborhood weather station that is just across the creek from our house.

After a month or so of knitting, I put all the yarns in my "Art Bin." It's on a stand about 30" high, and has a large bag to hold lots of yarn -- I had 24 colors for the entire year. Each yarn "cake" has a breag bag tab with that color's assigned temperature range. The only color I didn't use is the palest pink, assigned to a day when the low was below -15F. Although we got down to -13, the temperature never quite got below -15!

As of January 1, 2015, there were 1095 colored rows and the scarf is 134" long!

It's slightly longer than the Dr. Who scarf I knit last year for DH.

Samosa is pretty sure I knit both of these just for his entertainment.

I thought it would be too long for me to wear, but I think I can wrap it around several times and it will work quite well!

So fun to see the colors change from purples to blues to greens to yellows to oranges, then back to green . . . .

I kind of miss this daily ritual. I might decide to knit another, using only the average daily temperature! 

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  1. What a fun project. I love the colour changes.

  2. My mom and friend and I are all going to do a sky scarf for 2015 but only with five colors. I love how your scarf turned out.

  3. That is beautiful--did you knot all the ends? I hope to start it as soon as we have all the colors. Meanwhile, I am noting the sky color each day on a calendar--and including a white for the snow days. Roselyn--Starwood Quilter's Mom.

  4. Your scarf is stunning! My friend knitted me a Dr Who scarf, 12 feet long, it wraps round twice.

  5. That looks wonderful. I love the idea too.

  6. I love your scarf! I love the idea, but it is more beautiful than I would have imagined. :)

  7. I love it, great to see it finished. The blues on each end look great to me, love some of that weather here right now. What colour do you have allocated for 44 degrees celcius (111 F)? That was us yesterday. You could wrap that scarf around your head like a turban and still have enough for a neck scarf I think!

  8. What a clever idea! Will the ends stay as a fringe? (I hate weaving in ends with an unreasonable fervour.)

  9. I've never seen anything like this before ... I love the way the colors tell a story.

  10. Oh, this is absolutely gorgeous, Aunt Marti! Going to look through my stash and see if I have enough colors to start with. I love what you did with the ends!

  11. What a fun idea - the resulting scarf is gorgeous!

  12. It was a great idea! Maybe less rows next time will make it a bit easier to wear - and lighter too!


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