Monday, January 5, 2015

On the Design Wall

I have a tradition of making a quilt for my great-nephews and great-nieces when their 12th birthday rolls around. 

The next one is in February. This particular great-nephew is a big Legos fan. I found this kit for "Bit 'o Color" at NaLa's after-Christmas sale. The blocks went together in a single day of sewing and watching the New Year's Day snowfall. I'm enjoying looking at them so much, I almost don't want to take them down and sew them together!

What's on your design wall today?


  1. I love the flashes of colour in the middle of each black and white block. Simple but very effective.
    I made some Lego play mats last week and posted the instructions on my blog if you need more ideas! :)

  2. Very colourful - a lot of fun!!
    My design wall has 2 blocks on it - waiting for #3 which hasn't been published yet...won't tell you what's piling up around it !!!

  3. I love the blocks and the fabrics are such fun. I need my kitchen finished then the machine can go back into its space and I can get on with sewing. Work starts on the 20th so not long to wait now.

  4. Love the black/white/bright!

    1. It was so much fun, I've decided to break into my BW collection and make another!

  5. Amazing how simplicity is so extravagant!!
    I love it. Might be just perfect for my black and white collection. I have collected for years, keep adding new fabrics, but have never been able to cut and sew....wonder if I ever will?

  6. Love it! Perfect for my 11 year old grandson!

  7. What a great black and white quilt with those blops of color. Now I know what to make with my similar pile of fabrics. Thanks for sharing!!

  8. Love this very bright cheerful quilt. Luck kiddo!!!


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