Friday, February 21, 2014

Finally it's Finished!

At Front Range Modern Quilt Guild last Saturday, I met a woman who said she had made not one, but five Dr. Who scarves. I didn't think the appropriate response was why? But why?

The DH and I never really watched Dr. Who regularly, but somehow we got hooked on it during a (bitterly) cold spell in December. Rumor has it that whoever is "The Doctor" when you start watching the show will forever be "The Doctor" for you. DH watched Dr. Who back when Tom Baker was The Doctor, hence . . .

I started this scarf for the DH's birthday before Christmas. It's only 50 stitches across, all in garter stitch. That is, knit every stitch. For twelve feet! That's 366 cm for you clever people who use metric!

I haven't added the fringe, and don't know if I will. It's not really a practical garment, being so long it has to be wrapped twice around the neck. I can just see this thing getting caught in an elevator door and making me a young widow!

I used the pattern from Witty Little Knitter, here. The yarn is Cascade 220 Superwash -- my thinking being that if there was yarn left over, I could use it for Hats for Sailors

(Image lifted from

Except for the beard, don't you think DH looks a lot like The Doctor?

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  1. oh you're definitely right, Matt Smith is the doctor for me and David Tennant is the doctor for my hubby, I'm a newer convert! Love the scarf, it must have taken FOREVER!

  2. I made one for my son and started on a second one for the student teacher at our school. I got about half way done and didn't like how wide this one was, so now I'm starting on a third one. The second one is now a very skinny blanket :) Yes, we are insane people :) My first one took about 6 months of off and on knitting. I'm pretty slow though.

  3. I'm really old: I remember the first Doctor - William Hartnell, but only vaguely. The doctor who made the most impact was the second - Patrick Troughton, whom I recognised from another BBC children's series a few years earlier, "The Life of St Paul" in which he played the title role! Both travellers!

    I like the scarf and it looks like a nice easy pattern. I'm with you on its length: remember Isadora Duncan and beware of open sports cars. It's a wonder the good doctor didn't get it caught in the door of the Tardis, very cramped vehicles, those Metropolitan Police phone boxes.

  4. I think DH makes a very good model. Never got into Dr Who. Yes, its a wide scarf but then - you do get to use them, Great colours. DId you have any wool left over?

  5. Your version of the scarf looks great, Marti. And, yes, there is definitely a resemblance between your hubby and the Dr.! :o)

  6. For me the only Doctor has to be the very first. William Hartnell, I can still picture him vividly with his white hair. I was only 11 at the time. (or there about) The programme was the best thing since sliced bread. I am sorry to say this but I don;t like it any more, it's gone a bit silly.
    As for your DH he looks lovely in his new scarf. Very colourful. Hope he enjoys it.

  7. Frankly I reckon DH looks far better than 'his' Tom Baker Dr!
    It's David Tenant for me but I first saw William H in the role but I didn't fancy him : )

  8. Where did you find such a handsome model to do your bidding? This is a very fun scarf!

  9. Love your scarf. John Pertwee and Tom Baker for me. My DH went to the Doctor Who Symphonic Spectacular in Brisbane recently. It was Narrated by Peter Davison the 5th Doctor. The monsters wandered through the audience.
    Cheers Pauline


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