Saturday, January 10, 2015

2015 UFO List

The first days of the new year are for clearing out, cleaning up, and considering which UFOs to tackle.

In previous years, I've placed each UFO in a giant plastic bag, then numbered the bags. This year, most of my UFOs are in individual plastic bins.

Except for the ones in pizza boxes. Unused pizza boxes, of course! Boriello Brothers has the best "giant" sized boxes, and if you ask sweetly, they will give you some! They work great for large blocks.

So I decided just to list them on the white board. Each time I came across a project, I added it to the list.

I stopped numbering them at #12. I put the ones with deadlines at the top of the list. Now I can just check the list when each month's UFO number is drawn.

Lest you think I have only 14 UFOs, I didn't even count the BOMs (Blocks of the Month).

This list should look familiar, since all but one are carryovers from 2014! The first Monday of the month is designated as "BOM-day." I'm hoping to get back to that habit this year!

The list also does not include finished-but-not-quilted-and-bound tops.  I haven't even attempted to count those!

As you finish each UFO, email me a photo (address to the right) so I can include your project in the next month's UFO Parade.

Are you up to the challenge for 2015?

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  1. I'm ready! I've already jumped in to 2015 with a couple of finishes and plan to have one more today! Starting to feel like a productive year already! Good luck Marti!

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  3. I am definitely ready for 2015. I have all 12 of mine picked out, but I did make one deviation on 1/3 - I changed my #7 to #2. I switched my Chocolate Covered Cherries by Jo Kramer (Jo's Country Junction) to #2. My #7 is Cotton Club and I knew I wouldn't be able to finish it by the end of January - I don't want to miss out the parade - it give me such inspiration and the color - ooooohhhhhh I love all the color. My quilting friend, Sandi Delman,, also got me excited about another challenge moderated by Jennifer Schifano Thomas so I will be doing two quilts a month. Remember wall quilts count, too. hehehheehe - I am working on Kathy Cardiff's, Autumn Bounty, for Jennifer's challenge. There is one more thing I would like to mention if I may Aunt Marti - Trish Harriman, Attic Heirlooms, is doing a FREE Ornament of the Month that started this year. If you go to her website you can make a free ornament a month and by year-end you will have 12 to hang on your Christmas tree. I am going to really strive to make a set for my two daughters, son and mother. I think this is the best Christmas tree idea - and they don't have to only hang on a tree - they can hang on a fireplace mantel - just make a little scarf, there are so many ideas. You can even just hang it in your house and change them out monthly. I hope you don't mind that I mentioned this - I just thought it was a fast and easy idea. Thanks Aunt Marti for all you do - you're the bomb and I appreciate your efforts in making your yearly challenges so successful to me. I love the inspiration and color - woot! woot! - color, color, color I love color. I guess it's because I grew up with "brown's" don't get me wrong - I like brown but everything in our house was brown, furniture, carpet, cupboards, yikes!!! - too much brown. Well thank you for letting me share my thoughts in this lengthy comment. We all love you and are so happy you decided to do this challenge again this year. Take care and God Bless. You're the best. Oh, the quilt you showed in Facebook - I think it was a crazy quilt with templates - where did you get the pattern and the templates? if you don't mind sharing - I loved that quilt - there we have it more C-O-L-O-R!!! ;o)

  4. I'm all for finishing 12 UFOs this year (I think I have 15 on my list this year, plus 3 tops and whatever crops up during the year). Is there a problem swapping out the # if say quilt #5 is drawn and I really need to get quilt #10 done this month?

  5. Holy moly...I am a bit overwhelmed by all those tops that aren't quilted...looks like there could be 52 of them as well....going to try for some finishes for your parade this year....

  6. Didn't get much done off my list for last year so not sure if I should add my name. Will be following along with others progress though. Hugs.....

  7. I LOVE your white board with your BoM's progress. Such a great idea! I have a spare whiteboard - I think I might use it for this. I also like the idea of setting aside a particular day each month.

  8. My LQS started a UFO challenge this year, so I plan to participate. I guess the first step is to go figure out WHERE all my unfinished projects are, LOL! Whenever my sewing room turns back into the dining room, I put everything I'm working on in a very logical place. Which I can never remember...

  9. I waited to number my projects until the first number was picked! My plan is to finish the first quilt i ever started 15 years ago and I wanted it to be my January UFO! However, the holidays and traveling have kept me from starting it until later this week,

  10. After seeing all those unfinished quilt tops I think an intervention might be needed soon! You might have to only work on quilting your tops next year!

  11. I have a small desktop whiteboard and have just listed my to-dos in random order. It don't care which I do when, but it helps remind me of the projects I have so I am not tempted to start something new for a spell!


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