Wednesday, June 4, 2014

WIP Wednesday: Sample This!

It must be June, because I'm falling behind on my Blocks of the Month projects!

Today is Block Party day at Ruth's Stitchery. And I have only one BOM up-to-date. It's an unusual sampler, Sample This! by Stephanie Prescott.

I'm making it twice: once in the same colors as those used in the pattern photo. And once in shades of green.

This month's section is the dark sort-of-a-triangle in the lower right corner:

This month's section called for the 30-Something Square Up ruler, but I used Deb Tucker's Corner Beam ruler. I'm surprised I haven't done a tutorial on this clever tool -- I promise one in the near future!

Here are the three sections I have completed on the brown quilt:

Now I know why my mother always dressed my next-older sister and me alike. She would say "It's so easy to make one dress, then turn around and make another just like it." It won't take nearly as long to finish the green section 3 as it took to figure out the brown one!

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  1. So true - second time is always easier...really interesting blocks & shapes in that quilt...

  2. I love the blocks and the colors are spectacular.

  3. This is a very nice project, indeed! The colours are stunning!

  4. It looks very complicated - but beautiful! Gill

  5. This looks interesting Marti. Much easier the second time around. hugs....

  6. This looks like a very fun project. The colors go together nicely too. Thank you for sharing!


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