Thursday, June 5, 2014

Thursdays are for Knitting: My Year in Temperatures

I'm not as excited as I might be that I used a "new" color in my Year in Temperatures scarf this week.

Because it means our temperature reached 89 degrees!  See that single row of dark orange? That's for 86-90 degrees Fahrenheit. That would be 32 Celsius.

Right below the bright turquoise. That's for yesterday's low, which was 49. Why yes, yes, we often have 40 degree differences in temperatures within 24 hours. That's why I chose to represent the high, low, and average temperature for each day.

It's clear things are warming up, though. Only one blue stripe since the beginning of May! 

The scarf is getting so long, I had to have a "scarf holder" for today's photo. A sweaty, runner scarf holder! Eeeww! But his shirt does complement the scarf nicely, doesn't it?

I was going to cut him out of the photo, but I think it's more fun with the DH holding up the knitting!

I have three more colors as yet un-used. I hope I don't need the 100+ degrees color!

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  1. Incredible. The scarf is absolutely beautiful and such a clever idea. I'm amazed again every time you show it! :)

  2. I'm going to join you in hoping the 100 degree colors don't get used!!! What a beautiful reflection of what this year has been so far, and judging by my assumption of your colors, your weather has been very close to mine. We have a bit more blue in the evenings a bit longer, but where we really get blown out of the water is... WIND!!! I should do one of these scarves for our daily wind speed!!!

  3. Love the idea behind this scarf! And it looks so nice too.

  4. Love the idea behind this scarf! And it looks so nice too.

  5. I love this idea and it is looking so great.

  6. Well I hope so too for your sake - but it would add a bit to the colour variation - maybe one day....we are still getting up to 75 or so in the day (yep - winter in Qld)

  7. A very interesting idea! I want to make one, now that I'm learning to knit. I suspect mine would look quite different from yours. Living in southern AZ we see quite a lot of those 100+ days...108 on Thursday!

  8. That is such a creative way to knit a scarf! The colours look wonderful together. It's winter in Australia but we had a 28deg Celcius (82 F) today!

  9. Looks stunning - the colours complement one another beautifully.


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