Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIP Wednesday: FW, BaD and a Giveaway

The vote for setting triangles for my Farmer's Wife quilt seems to be to match the cornerstones.

I went out today to do errands -- mail a package to My Little Sailor, buy the new OPI Neon nail polish collection, stop at Ruth's to buy fabric for setting triangles.

But there was a baby brown bear in the tree behind the Air Force Academy post office. I had to stop and look, although I did not get out of my car to take a photo. If there's a baby, I know Mama Bear isn't far away! Then the radio dj announced a "severe thunderstorm warning" for our area -- with golf-ball size hail. So I raced for home, and left the other errands for tomorrow.

Which means I have only a few setting triangles made for the Farmer's Wife quilt. I had to play with my "setting triangles" ruler to get the right size, because with the sashing, the blocks aren't square. I think I've got it right:

The fabric looks really grey in this photo, but it is more a sage green. Just what I wanted.

Here are all the blocks (except the last one, it must still be on the ironing board);

Speaking of ironing boards, look at this beauty custom-made for me by the DH of Chrystal, who owns Cotton Candy Sewing Shop:

It's right in front of my old ironing board, which has one short leg. That's why there's a bread plate under one leg! I'm planning to stain it aqua green, when it's done, I'll show some more photos!

Sunday, May 18th was the 60th day of Spring. How are you doing with the Quilt Block a Day challenge? I was caught up on Sunday, but now I'm two days behind. Distracted by a spectacular quilt pattern to test!

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  1. I love your FW quilt. I need to get that book and start one of my own!

  2. I agree about the setting triangles - it is perfect. Hope the poor baby bear escaped the hail.

  3. Gosh that star quilt at the bottom is gorgeous. The rainbow mixed with low volume fabrics works so well!

  4. I love the star quilt at the bottom. A calm collection of fabrics.

  5. your block a day quilt is developing into a really pretty work. I'm pleased you showed a pic of it from a distance, as it were. All quilts seem to look totally different from see close-up.

  6. I'm a little ahead on my star blocks--I think I have 69 made so far. I'm making the simpler version, and using Christmas fabrics for them. My plan is to make 3 lap quilts for my 3 kids with the blocks. Love your stars!

  7. those stars look amazing - stars and rainbows, what more could one ask for!!

  8. Your star blocks are gorgeous! I love the colors and the interplay between saturated and low volume -- brilliant!


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