Monday, May 12, 2014

On the Design Wall: Last of the Farmer's Wife Blocks

I've finally completed the last four of my Farmer'w Wife bocks!

This isn't the oldest WIP I've ever had, but it's probably the oldest established permanent floating WIP in my history!

I started the Farmer's Wife quilt in the Spring of 2010 after I saw the book at the Pueblo Quilt Expo. Being a Farmer's Daughter, I thought it would be a fun quilt to make. Lucky for me, Karen at High Country Quilts was offering it as a BOM.  She designed foundation-pieced patterns for many of the more difficult blocks. I plugged away at the blocks until early in 2013, when Marti Michell released her From Marti Michell templates conversion chart for the quilt. Using the templates did make the blocks easier to piece at the perfect 6.5" square!

I had only a few blocks left to make when I decided this would be the perfect 50th anniversary gift for my brother and his wife. He is the only of my brothers who became a farmer.

And so, voila -- the last four of the 111 Farmer's Wife blocks:

The blocks, clockwise, are: #42 Fruit Basket; #50 Honey's Choice; #101 Wedding Ring; and #106 Wild Rose & Square.

Sashing and setting this quilt is going to be challenging, as not all of my blocks are exactly 6.5" square! Since the anniversary party is scheduled for June 27, I have less than one month to finish it -- so this will be the only thing I work on for the next few weeks.

I just noticed 52 Quilts in 52 Weeks has 499 followers on Bloglovin'. I'm thinking the 500th follower will call for a major giveaway. Keep watching this space!

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  2. Congratulations on finishing your FW blocks! They look great!

    I've been following along on google -- but have just clicked on bloglovin' -- I'm excited to be your 500th follower!! Your giveaways are terrific!!

  3. Congratulations on finishing. I have been making these little babies too and some no matter what cannot come out to 6.5 inches. Can't wait to see your sashing.

  4. Good Luck getting it together - a bit if tweaking needed! - 501 bloglovers now I see...
    I ma really looking forward to seeing it together - 111 fiddly blocks!

  5. Your FW blocks look great, Marti. I bet you'll get it done in plenty time. :o)

  6. Congrats on finishing the blocks for a challenging quilt! Good luck on finishing it on time. Can't wait to see how it's going to look when you get done. Congrats on 500-plus followers, too! You are an inspiration to more than that, I'm sure!!!

    1. Thanks, Deb! I decided to measure all the blocks as I put them on the design wall, and needed to re-sew about 6. Much easier with the Marti Michell templates!

  7. what an amazing gift! I can;t wait to see it finished. Is it a surprise gift, or do they know it's in the making?

  8. I think your brother and sister-in-law will be delighted to receive this quilt for their 50th anniversary. It's a special quilt, made by a special person, for two more special people.


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