Friday, April 25, 2014

Thank Goodness it's (Barely) Finished Friday!

I can't believe I had so much trouble getting this quilt top together! But it's finished now, and I really like it.

I started this quilt last summer at quilt Wyoming, in a class with Kathleen Moorhead Johnson. We had such a good time, and Kathy is such a great teacher. But I only got one block finished in class.

So I pulled it out to be my April UFO finish last weekend. I whipped all the blocks together in one day, then put them on the design wall.

And sewed them together wrong.  Even using the Barb Shie Method, I managed to have the first two blocks in the first three rows turned the wrong way.

I tried to convince myself no one would notice. But I would notice, so I ripped them out and corrected my mistake.

Then sewed the middle two rows together wrong. Again!

See how the middle two rows both start with the dark quarter-square triangle in the upper right?  Sigh.

One more try -- third time's the charm, right?

Thanks DH for being my quilt holder on this breezy day. It took about six shots to get one where the edges weren't flipped up.

Just a few more hours to comment on Monday's post for a chance to win the pattern for this quilt!

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  1. 10/10 for perseverance! Its worth it in the end but so annoying...

  2. I hate it when I keep making mistakes when putting blocks together. The finished top looks great and well worth all the effort.

  3. Great job, you got there in the end. I agree though, once I've found an error I have to go back and fix it or it will annoy me everytime I look at the quilt. Its always worth it in the long run. I can understand how you could easily get things mixed up on this one though, I know I would!


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