Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Tuesday Tool -- the Coolest!

Really. The coolest tool I've ever bought. Custom-made just for me by the husband of friend and fellow Jelly Roll quilter, Vickey.

It's so pretty, and it fits just perfectly.

I love it so much that the next giveaway just might have to be one of these.

Have I teased you long enough? Want to see what it is?  OK:

No, no, it's not that huge square ruler. Nor the "tile lifter" that I use for a handle on my 8.5" X 24" ruler (my favorite, by the way).

It's a new ruler rack, made to fit perfectly on the shelf of my cutting table! And it holds all my big rulers, with one slot to spare!

It was custom-made to fit on that shelf. But it would work really well for all my Margaret Miller "Angle Play" templates.

 It will even hold my entire collection of Marti Michell templates!

Yes, the DH knows how many I have. He admitted that he probably has that many running shirts, so he can't object. The right tool for the job, right?

Before Vickey persuaded Chris to make this large ruler rack, I bought a smaller one from him that lives on my cutting table with my most-often used smaller rulers:

I admit, I've bought other wooden ruler racks. But they just don't hold enough rulers, or they aren't large enough to balance the larger rulers. This one is perfect! 

Want one for yourself? Contact Chris at Chris dot Anderson774 at gmail dot com -- I promise not to tell him he's not charging enough until after you buy yours!

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  1. I suspect you need several of those rulers - they are handy aren't they??

  2. I love the photo of the angle play rulers in their slots. Do they look like sailing boats to anyone else? Or maybe it's just me! :oD

  3. Love that! What a great idea!

  4. Coooool!! What a great idea. I am thinking I don't have enough rulers!

  5. What a great idea!! I've got rulers all over the place and nothing seems to work just right. I'm having hubs whip me up one of these. Thanks!


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