Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday Stash

Elder Son is so smart.  When he made a mistake in his 4-H project quilt, he would say, "Can you see it from the back of a galloping horse?"  When we went fabric shopping, he would say, "It's OK to buy it just because you think it's pretty."  Plus, he can cook.  He is going to make an excellent husband one day.

In a classic "It's OK to buy it just because you think it's pretty" purchase, I present this week's "Saturday Stash."

First, as a result of a really-too-good-to-pass-up sale at Stash modern fabric, "Kingdom" by Jessica Levitt for Windham Fabrics:

The complete collection.  Plus enough for a border.  No, I don't have a pattern in mind.

Next, because "everyone is using it and what if it is all sold out when I need to make another quilt because a sailor on My Little Sailor's ship got his Navy Warfare Badge?" I present, Salt Water, by Tula Pink:

 Another spectacularly good deal, this time from Westwood Acres.

Now this one is not just a good buy, but a gift from Hueisei, who won the giveaway awhile back.  I sent her the EZ Angle rulers because she was making Bonnie Hunter's "Easy Street," and well, they don't have JoAnn's in Malaysia.  And she gifted me the gift certificate she had won to Marie-Madeline Studio!  Isn't that the sweetest thing?  So of course, I bought:

Sugar Hill!  By Tanya Whelan for Free Spirit Fabrics!  Just because I think it's pretty . . . . 

And the best deal of all, this stack of Northcott Solids, from Ruth's Stitchery:

Because I think Ginny just wants to see what I will do with them!

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  1. Beautiful fabrics to add to your stash. Hugs...

  2. I just recently got swept away by fabric buying (online from the US) but now I'm glad I did because I just found out that postage to Australia will rise from $16.95 (which is bad enough) to around $24.50 for around 7 yards of fabric - not good. I'm really going to have to behave now. I so wish fabric was cheaper in Australia.
    You've got some lovely goodies there!

  3. A very smart Elder Son!! Oh no about the postage - Sooli is right - 16.95 meant you had to make sure you bought a fair bit to justify the expense - but 24.50!!! - yikes!
    So, do you have enough fabric now?? just kidding...

  4. The Sugar Hill is so pretty! Have fun with this beautiful collection :D

  5. Very fun additions to your stash!

    I've placed myself on fabric buying restriction. :P I'm using what I have! :)

  6. That's some pretty pretty you have brought home. Like Shannon I am on restriction; using what's in the house first.... Then, we'll see :)


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