Sunday, December 16, 2012

Sugar Block Club Winner

Before I announce the winner of the Sugar Block Club membership, a word about comments.

The server for my computer is housed at a University which has a very strict "spam" filter.  Any comments that come from a "no-reply" commenter are automatically placed in the spam folder.  Any email that has "forward," "FWD" or "fwd" in the subject line is automatically placed in the trash folder.  Anything the University server just doesn't like is automatically placed in the spam folder.

I reply to every comment and every message.  So if you haven't heard from me on your comment, you might be a redneck.  I mean, you might be a no-reply commenter.  Karen of Sew Many Ways has an easy tutorial to fix the "no-reply commenter" problem. Just click here and follow her easy directions.  At this time, I have not disabled "anonymous" comments -- but if you don't include an email in your comment, I can't answer you.  And I can't find you if you're chosen as a giveaway winner.

And most importantly! you can't receive your membership in the Sugar Block club if you win!

It was interesting to count your "favorite" blocks.  The "winning" most-favorite block among my readers was "Log Cabin."  One of my earliest posts was a Log Cabin tutorial, using Marti Mitchell's log cabin ruler.  Hmm, that quilt is still in the UFO collection.  Guess I'll have to add that to the 2013 UFO Challenge!

Log Cabin was closely followed by "Stars" as the "favorite block."  As I search back through the blog history, I find I have never written a tutorial on a star block.  Last year at this time, I did show off my little Star tree ornament, from Betz White's tutorial.

Those two are the only blocks that received more than 10 votes.  It was fun learning what your "favorites" are, as well as seeing some unknown-to-me blocks.

Maybe Amy will have some unknown-to-me-blocks in the Sugar Block Club!

And so, without further ado, Mr. Random Number Generator:

Who is Nurse Jessi, who said:

Jessi lives in Texas and blogs at The Rusty Nail.  Congratulations, Jessi!

If you didn't win, you can go here to sign yourself up.  It's gonna be great!  Amy says "12 months 12 blocks 12 sweet recipes."  Thank you, Amy, for not asking me to test your recipes.  It wouldn't be "a good thing!"

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