Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Finish: 22 of 30

Woot woot!  I've quilted and bound 22 quilts since November 1.  That's 22 of my 30-quilt goal!

Here is "A Wedding Quilt for Joseph and Annie."  It was designed by Malka Dubrowsky, and the pattern is available here.  She includes the Kona Cotton colors so you can make your quilt exactly as shown!

I didn't remember that Malka also used straight-line quilting on her quilt.  I thought I was being so clever to quilt it that way!

Lucky for me, Elder Son came down from Denver for an appointment this week.  He replaced the nylon tracks on Meggie so she doesn't do the "swoop" when I'm trying to quilt straight lines.

Quilt #20/30 is a Strip Club quilt from early this year.  The fabric is Fig Tree & Co.'s "Strawberry Fields."  The pattern is called "Shortcakes."  Hence, "Strawberry Shortcakes!"

Next is an oldie that was almost a tragedy.  This quilt was waiting to be bound, sitting on the wet bar in my downstairs sewing room.  The kitchen sink overflowed and soaked everything on the wet bar.  Of course, I didn't notice it right away, and the dark red sashing bled into the off-white sashing.  I didn't want to just trash this lovely quilt, so I serged all the edges, then washed it with some color-catcher sheets.  Success!

The pattern is called "Four Patch Posies.  It's a kaleidoscope variation -- it is really fun to see how every block is different, even though they're all from the same fabric.

I'm slowly but surely getting all my 30s reproduction fabrics pieced and quilted.  This one, "Bowties" was another "Block a Day" from Anna Lena:

 My bookcase of ready-to-go quilts is filling up!

And since it's Friday, I'm linking up to TGIFF at Quilt Matters.

2013 Sugar Block Club

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  1. I'm blown away by your productivity! Bowties has such lovely muted colours. Nice save on the Four Patch Posies! And Strawberry Shortcakes made me grin - it's very her :)

  2. Lucky save on the Four Patch Posies - what a great pattern. Still some space in that bookcase - you better keep going! LOL

  3. You are amazing! 22 quilts since November 1st? I'm in awe! I love the straight line quilting in various widths -- looks fabulous. Thanks for linking up to TGIFF!, Aunt Marti!

  4. that's incredible! i especially love the wedding one and bowties. i'm really impressed by your quilts. i'm doing a scrap giveaway on my blog right now if you want some scraps for some of your quilts!!

  5. I love the four patch posies. I've had a red run in one of my quilts when I dampened it to remove some wash away pen. Love those colour catcher cloths, they worked for me too!

  6. Way to go, Marti! You are really jammin'. :D I particularly love Strawberry Shortcakes and the Fourpatch Posie quilt. Thank goodness the red came out.

  7. Wow, well done! I have seen the post in my reader but hadn't have the time to read it... and now visiting from Plum and June I read it! Love all your quilts they are gorgeous and they look so nice stacked up in your shelves!


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