Monday, December 17, 2012

Monday Mystery and BOMday

I know I'm not the only one following Bonnie Hunter's "Easy Street" mystery.  There were more than 240 participants in last week's linkup!  So before I share the ubiquitous "purple flying geese" photo, I'll show off my most recent Designer Mystery BOM blocks.

I ordered the setting kit.  Guess since I'm now halfway finished with the blocks, I should start on the setting, huh?  Except it has a whole bunch of -- you guessed it -- FLYING GEESE!!

I'm quite proud of myself for keeping up with the Easy Street mystery.

Yesterday I made another gaggle of flying geese, using a new method:

And cut 145 squares from the green fabrics.  My greens aren't quite as yellow as they look in this photo:

Linking up to the Easy Street Mystery Part 4 linkup.  And also Plum and June's "Let's Get Acquainted" linkup.

Plum and June

Tune in tomorrow for a Flying Geese tutorial, using the Lazy Girl's "Flying Geese X 4 No Math Ruler."

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  1. I am following Easy Street right now, saving the steps for later and enjoying the yummy eye candy ... like yours. The BOM blocks and very pretty colors. Thanks for sharing ... :) Pat

  2. I am debating on starting the easy street.... i cant decide on a colorway. I also need to work on my designer mystery... iam behind on that too!

  3. Your geese look very well-behaved! Maybe it is the humidity here, but I've been getting threads popping out of every piece of fabric I cut. My stack of greens looked like a green Cousin It! Yours look so smooth - no loose threads anywhere.

  4. Maybe you have found a better Flying Geese method?? I hope so for your sake.

  5. Great projects. Wow - those yellows are pretty bright!!!!


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