Wednesday, December 12, 2012

WIP Wednesday and Happy Holidays

I just can't resist sharing this music video.  I found it when my friend in Brisbane, Susan, shared a post by her friend in France, Bea.  You can click on the video and listen to some wonderful music while you look at Susan's and Bea's blogs!

Then come back!  Come ba . . .ck!

OK, whew.  Thought I'd lost you there.  Incredible, huh?

SO it's WIP Wednesday!  And as a favor to some Facebook friends who asked, today I am showing you my (cough) "progress" on Anna Lena's "Block a Day" for Fall.  If you don't "Facebook," you can see the quilt on her blog here.

I have 45 blocks completed, and tomorrow is the 80th day of Autumn!

I was making pretty good progress until I tried sewing at night after I had finished that day's long-arming.

Maybe you can see my problem with those last three blocks if I place one next to what it's supposed to look like!


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  1. I just love that color combination! We all "oops" once in awhile.

  2. oh my goodness, thank you so very much for that video share. (How did you get it into your blog post?) That was amazing!


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