Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Updates to the Blog

Hello everyone!

It's me again, the Younger Son. I'm home on leave from the South Pacific (Hey, anything is better than watching an ammo offload for 18 hours a day) and I'm helping out by making some much-needed improvements to both the front-end and back-end of the blog.

Here are the new features:

1. Links at the top to blog sections.

Find links to your favorite posts at the top

As you can see here, we've added links across the top to the different types of posts your Aunt Marti writes for the blog. You can easily click on any of these to see all the posts with those tags. (These are still being updated to make them look a bit more readable, so expect to see the formatting, but not the content, change.)

2. Changed the layout

New 52 Quilts Layout with one sidebar

We've changed the layout so all the widgets and tools are over on the right side of the blog. This should give you more room to see what you care about -- the posts, and helps to clean things up a bit. For those of you using Google's Chrome Browser, this should also have fixed the formatting errors you've been reporting.

3. 52 Quilts on Facebook

New Facebook Page for 52 Quilts

There's now a new Facebook Page just for 52 Quilts. You can find it here. The content on the pages are the same, however, we know that it can be a lot more convenient to view when you're already on your Facebook. (Note; Please be aware that Giveaways will only be conducted through the blog, so you still need to be a follower here and leave a comment.)

The address is: http://www.facebook.com/52Quilts

4. 'About Me' Page

I've finally convinced your Aunt Marti to update her About Me page. You can find it linked on the side or here. (Along with some new portraits courtesy of Yours Truly.)


  1. I've got a home grown techie too, who usually just rolls his eyes at his mother, instead of being helpful like your son.

    1. Don't worry, there's plenty of eye rolling behind the scenes. =)

  2. What a helpful younger son! I bet Aunt Marti is so please with you right now!

  3. Happy Veteran's Day, Younger Son! God bless you! And I like the new blog layout. :)

    Shannon, a military wife in TX :)


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