Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I Should have Known

It's almost time!  Time to take another road trip.  This time to Idaho for my annual Quilt Retreat pilgrimage.

I'm going here:

Payette Lake, where I used to attend Girl Scout Camp at Camp Alice Pittenger.  Where everything is peaceful, quiet, the food is wonderful -- and my cell phone doesn't work!

I've done so well on my UFO-tober projects, I decided I had time to quilt the Mystery Quilt we made at Spring Quilting in the Pines in May:

I had the brilliant idea to quilt meanders in the off-white background, then go back and quilt a custom design in the blue blocks.

Last evening, I loaded the quilt on Meggie and quilted the meandering:

I've tried quilting all of one color thread, then re-rolling the quilt and quilting a second color thread before.  And it didn't work very well.

I forgot that trying to re-roll the quilt top while on the machine makes the batting and backing bunch up.

Not only that, it looks like the stars are going to be loose and I will get folds in the fabric when I quilt it.

I'm sure one of my long-arm pros (harrumph, ANN) would have told me that, if I'd remembered to ask!  I should have known!

Fortunately, I am using the summer-weight batting I bought at The Idaho Quilt Barn last Spring.  This batting scrunches up beautifully when washed.  So I'll go ahead and quilt the stars, then wash the quilt.  Scrunchies ccover a multitude of long-arming mistakes!

And go to bed tonight dreaming of this:

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I have some Idaho-hostess gifts to show off -- come back Friday for Finally It's Finished!

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  1. What a lovely venue for a retreat - funny how sometimes we have to learn the same thing 2 -or even 3- times before we remember.

  2. Ahh...beautiful photos...

    I hear you on reloading...I made a few doozies on my LA today...but I don't care at this moment...hoping the washing machine hides all sins!!!!!

  3. Oh wow, I LOVE Idaho!!! We drove through ID twice when we moved to different duty stations. It's truly one of the prettiest states I've even seen.

    WOW!!!!! I must say that this quilt is probably my favorite of yours!!! Blue is pretty much my favorite color, and the stars are so old-fashioned and just beautiful!!! This would for sure be on my list of quilts to make for my bed (I have to make a king size--yuck!).


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