Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Finishes

I know, I know, these aren't all completely, ready-to-hand-off finished.  But they'll be gone before another Friday rolls around, so I'm calling them "finished."

First, three things from my UFO-tober list:

1)  Cherish Nature Sparkling Cider #1

and 2) Cherish Nature Sparking Cider #2

Even though DH thinks they are identical, these two quilts are a little different.  Same fabric line, same pattern, but different arrangements.  I'm pretty sure I've purchased every piece of Deb Strain's "Cherish Nature" in Colorado.  Love this fabric, it's pretty but not "girly."  I have enough left to piece backs for both quilts.

3) "Up and Down":

Recognize the fabric?  Yep, it's Sarah Fielke's "From Little Things," that I found at the Cosmic Cow in Lincoln, Nebraska!  The pattern is "Up and Down" from the April/May 2011 issue of "Down Under Quilts." I pieced this top while visiting in Ohio last April.  I didn't realize I had attached the last two rows upside-down until I posted the photo on my blog!

4)  The Spring edition of "Crazy for Wool":

Bad photo, the colors are not nearly that yellow.  The pattern is "Prairie Town in Spring" by Cat's Creations.  I have lots of cute little buttons to add, and I'm going to hand-sew the binding on.  This is a BOM project at High Country Quilts -- one of my many  "BOM Rehab" projects. I have the kits for Summer, Fall and Winter, un-started!

And finally, a really-finished, ready-to-hand-off project.
5) "Take Four" placemats:

I blogged this project in July, not realizing it was a published pattern.  I found the pattern in Seattle in August, and purchased it immediately.  I hope if you want to make these clever, four-fat-quarters placemats, you'll purchase the pattern here.  It's a downloadable pattern, so you can get started right away.

Linking up to "Finish it up Friday" at Crazy Mom Quilts.

I'm almost packed for my road trip to Idaho.  Stand by for shop reports from Northern Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Idaho!

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  1. I love both sparkling cider quilts!

  2. Both Sparkling Cider quilts are fabulous.

    (oh, I'm loving the I Spy leftovers I won--the book in particular is so great--blogged about it, too).

  3. Many great quilts. I love the up and down one. And crazy for wool is cute.

  4. Gosh you've been busy - I was once told (by a lady who had been quilting since the 1970s) that a completed quilt top counted as a 'legitimate finish' so well done us for our Friday finishes!

  5. What an amazing stash of (almost) finished projects. Enjoy those shops and the retreat.

  6. Oooh I love Up and Down! Wonderful work.

  7. Hi! I saw you over at finish it up Friday. Lovely quilts and gorgeous colors ; )

  8. You have been a busy lady. I can see your sewing machine smoking way over here in St. Louis! All of your finishes are so pretty. Your Up and Down looks like lots of fun. Haven't seen that before. Love those placemats too. They are the rage around here right now too.


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