Monday, May 21, 2012

Mystery Monday

This week's Mystery Monday is from the class I took last weekend at Quilt in the Pines retreat.  Carol Anne was right, up until the very last "clue," I thought this quilt would be a diagonal set.  The blue fabrics made me think of Payette Lake at sunset:

So I've named Quilt #29 for 2012 "Mystery by the Lake."
The best part about taking classes at Granny's Attic retreat is, Lori cuts all the fabric for your project!  All you do is sit down and sew -- I love that!  The dark blue fabric is "Cape Cod" by Paintbrush Studio.  I forgot to ask what the light blue is, and since I didn't do the cutting, I don't have a selvedge to look at.
 The fabric has little oriental fans in blue and a goldy-green color My Little Sailor calls Somebody Isn't Drinking Enough Water.

My quilt holder said, "Come take a photo from the reverse side, it looks like stained glass."  It does, doesn't it?

One last photo from my weekend in Salt Lake City.  As a special treat, the HMQS hosts organized a trip to a rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Hearing the 350+ voices in the perfect acoustics of the Tabernacle is a thrill, whether you're musical or not.

Tomorrow's Tuesday Tutorial is Susie's Magic Binding -- come back and learn how to do an elegant binding with piping, all by machine!

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  1. The purple lake is gorgeous as well and love the blues!

  2. Do you have a quilt parttern for the Fest of the Tabernacle? May I have a copy?

    1. No, I'm sorry, is that a block pattern? I googled it but found nothing.


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