Sunday, September 2, 2012

Saturday Stash Shop Hop

OK, so it's Sunday.  I spent most of the day yesterday making a quilt for a shipmate of My Little Sailor.

Quilt #41 for 2012, "Braids" is made with an Eleanor Burns pattern that includes a template to cut the braid pieces.

The template and pages of directions make this a fast top to sew.  It took about 4 hours of sewing, plus two hours shopping for the right fabric to match the braids.  The braid fabric is a "strip tease bun"  from  Island Batiks, "Iris."  Jacob had requested a purple quilt for his friend, so I bought a Tonga Treats Island Quilter on Vashon Island, Washington.  But when I got it home and opened it up, it was really more pink than purple.  So off to High Country Quilts I shuffled.  When I whined to Shelly that I needed a "purple jelly roll," she got down on her knees and dug around under the display table.  I heard "Marti, Marti," but couldn't see who was calling.  Shelly emerged from under the table proudly waving the perfect jelly roll.  Thanks, Shelly!

Speaking of Island Quilter,  here is a photo of the inside of the shop, lifted from their website. DH called the shop "the IKEA shop" because he felt like he had to follow a specific trail to get around the display shelves and out of the shop.  But what a display!

Vashon Island is accessible only by ferry.  We boarded the ferry in Seattle, drove down island to the shop and asked for a lunch recommendation. Not only did they recommend the Hardware Store restaurant, but they offered a 10% discount coupon!

In addition to the batik jelly roll, I found an "end of bolt" special on this lovely purple Laura Ashley print from 2009.  Only two yards, so isn't it lucky that Kwik Sew 3870 takes just two yards to make a tunic?


The first shop we visited in Washington was The Quilting Loft in Ballard.  We almost skipped this one, thinking it was too far out of our way.  Boy, am I glad we didn't!

I added to my growing Anna Maria Horner Field Study Collection:

I have about two-thirds of the complete collection now.  I love shopping for the fabrics at various shops rather than ordering the complete collection online.  It makes it feel like a treasure hunt!

And bought some pink and red "amelie" from The Alexander Henry Collection, along with black and red "rivoli garden" also from Alexander Henry.  This will make an Anna Maria Horner Multi-Tasker Tote requested by a niece in Idaho.

We then drove through familiar neighborhoods in Tacoma to Pacific Lutheran University.  PLU will always be "home" to me, it's where I earned my MA in Ed Admin, where the boys' first daycare was, and where I worked at my favorite job ever.  Plus, it's one block away from Parkland Parish Quilt Co.  Housed in an old church, Parish Quilt Co. offers the complete Marti Michell template collection as well as a wide variety of fabrics, from Civil War repros to -- Denyse Schmidt!

I plan to make an AMH Multi Tasker Tote for myself from this decorator-weight fabric:

I think Denyse's "pink seeds strip" will be perfect for the lining, don't you?  It's available from The Quilted Castle.


On Sunday, we took another ferry to Bainbridge Island to visit my nieces and Churchmouse Yarns and Teas.

Churchmouse Yarns & Teas - Also on Bainbridge Island(The photo of the Bainbridge Island ferry is from Churchmouse's website.  It's so much better than the ones I took myself.)

I was looking for yarn to complete my Color Affection shawl.  Found it, but not enough.  Terri graciously offered to contact her supplier and get more for me. 

While walking the streets of Winslow on Bainbridge, we happened upon a wonderful little shop, Esther's.  (Photo lifted from their website.  Visit:  You'll be glad you did!)

Best collection of modern fabrics I found on our trip.  I added two more AMH Field Study fat quarters, and this lovely fashion fabric to make another Fall tunic:

Burda 7213 is an oriental style tunic closed with seven buttons -- which gives me something to shop for this week.

We left Bainbridge Island on the south end via Gig Harbor and the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  This is the same location, but not the same bridge known as Galloping Gertie, slender, elegant and graceful, the Tacoma Narrows Bridge stretched like a steel ribbon across Puget Sound in 1940. The third longest suspension span in the world opened on July 1st. Only four months later, the great span's short life ended in disaster. "Galloping Gertie," collapsed in a windstorm on November 7,1940.  Watch a video of the bridge collapse here on YouTube.


52 Quilts has 198 followers.  When we hit 200, it will be time for another giveaway.  Wait 'til you see what I found for it!


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    1. Barbara, thanks for following! There are now 200 followers, so I'll announce the giveaway later today -- woot, woot!

  2. Oh wow, Marti!!! I am so sad that I didn't visit those quilt shops when we lived in the PNW. :o( We visited Seattle a few times, but being we were only stationed there 8 months we had little time to do much outside of what we did. I'm glad you got to treasure hunt around at different shops! Love the quilt you made for your son's shipmate! You are so kind. :)

  3. What a great field trip! We get up to Hood Canal about once a year. Now I know where to go fabric shopping! thanks, Claire W.

    1. Claire, Saturday I will publish a post about my absolute fav shop in Seattle, West Seattle Fabric Co. You'll love it!

  4. What fun you have been having - all that shopping - love the purple quilt too. Am I a follower?? I know I read each blog.. count me in this time - you never know but I suspect my "lucky" period is over for now.

  5. IF I could sew I think I'd make a quilt for sure.

    I have a sewing machine..
    I have fabric...
    I just have no confidence and maybe a 7 month old makes it hard to imagine myself sewing. She just very well might get upset if I pay attention to the machine.

    HOWEVER. I LOVE looking at fabric prints. I absolutely love it. Every time I go to a craft store I look at fabric prints lol. No idea why!


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