Friday, August 31, 2012

A Different Friday Finish

Well, something was finished this week, but it's not a quilt.  It's our trip to Seattle to visit family and the Pacific West Quilt Show -- and a few quilt shops, of course.

I'll report on the Seattle-Tacoma-Peninsula quilt shops tomorrow, but today, it's all about the quilts!

I only took photos of the quilts I thought I would like to make myself.  So I guess this post reveals my "quilty personality."

The first quilt really must be seen in person to appreciate.  Except for the blue background, it is made up entirely of selvages!

"Blue Zinger Selvage Quilt" was made by Virginia Anderson of Shoreline, WA.  She reports she saved selvages "for several years" to make this quilt.   I've never wanted to make a selvage quilt before, but looking at this one, I've decided to start saving my selvages instead of crocheting them into rag rugs.

"Hypnotic" was made by Melody Crust of Kent, WA.  She says she "makes quilts that celebrate life."    This one features my favorite color, orange.  DH was disappointed to see that the blue and white squares were printed fabric, not pieced.  But the effect is the same!

This quilt reminds me of Idaho, because it represents Larch trees.  In Idaho, we call this deciduous conifer a "Tamarack."  In spring, it is a lovely soft chartreuse.  Come Fall, it turns golden and loses its needles.  "Larch in Spring" was made by Heather Waldron of Mt. Vernon, WA.

This quilt made my fingers itch to get into my large collection of Kona cotton solids!  Don't you just love the variety of greens, sparked by red and orange?  Dorothy LaBouef of Edmonds, WA cut the leaf shapes freeform to make the blocks of "Leaf Quilt."

This is the quilt I really want to make.  Katie Kennedy of Bonney Lake, WA and Pam Seaburg of Bothell joined forces to piece "Mt. Rainier."  I love the way they added splashes of red "wildflowers" in the green triangles.

I confess, the last quilt isn't one I really want to make.  I photographed it because I am planning a quilt using the Easy Dresden ruler.  All the Dresdens in this quilt are made of various polka dots. Ann Rindge of Vashon, WA added appliques of flowers, leaves and bees to "Miss Dottie Dresden."

The show was held at the Tacoma Convention Center in downtown Tacoma.  Tacoma has really changed since we left there in the early 90s .  Downtown is now chockablock with cool little shops, museums and restaurants.  The view from the convention center is incredible -- and the Mountain was out!  Can you believe I took this photo from inside the convention center using my little Fuji point-and-shoot camera?

When Elder Son was little, he spent his days at University Childcare at Pacific Lutheran University.  For some (stupid) reason, they showed a movie of the 1980 Mt. St. Helens eruption to the preschool class.  The next time the "Mountain was out," he panicked, crying "it will explode and throw hot rocks on us and we'll all die!"  Now the towns in the path of the Mountain have evacuation plans in case the Mt. Rainier erupts, but I hope it doesn't for another million years!

Come back tomorrow for the shopping report on Saturday Stash.

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  1. What a collection of quilts! Very intrigued by the selvages and I love the Mt Rainier quilt.


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