Wednesday, February 22, 2012

At Last -- a new WIP, and a Honey Badger

There was a Honey Badger (warning bad language) in my sewing room last night:

The completed stealth knitting project which was drying on the blocking board?  Covered in cat hair, several snags and jumbled around.

The charm pack waiting on the wet bar for today's project?  Torn apart and wet from the overturned water bottle.

Box of pins foolishly left open on the sewing machine?  Well, you can imagine.

Chocolate Mousse' (aka Honey Badger)?  Resting on the high shelf and looking completely innocent.

However:  There is joy in all the land.  The stealth knitting project is complete (photos tomorrow) and the quilting can recommence!  Today's  WIP Wednesday is underway.

Here is the March Strip Club project.  It is a Tula Pink pattern I picked up at Tula's Mom's shop in Stewartsville, Missouri on my home from Ohio last September.  The jelly roll is Half Moon Modern by Moda (I got mine at High Country Quilts) and the background is the ubiquitous Kona Ash.

I do have a hint for our strippers:  The method for this quilt is unusual.  When you sew your cross-cut  "blocks," don't add a short piece to a long piece.  You want more back and forth "motion" in the colored strips.  I haven't sewn any rows together yet, so I'm hoping I can move things around so the prints don't line up quite as much.

But now I have to go rescue a sweater . . .


  1. I love the strips! The bright colors really pop against the gray.

  2. I love your strip quilt! That's a lot of seams, though!!

    And I just about died laughing at the honey badger!

  3. That looks great, I like how the colours work with the grey.


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