Saturday, February 18, 2012

Oh! My! Goodness!

You know when you make a comment on someone's blog and you have to type in some nonsense word to verify that "you're not a robot?"

It doesn't have to be that way!

Thanks to the wonderful Claire Jain of  Sewing over PinsI have turned OFF "Comment Word Verification."  And I am SO sorry I didn't know before that my blog even HAD Comment Word Verification, let alone that I could turn it off!

So now, comment away and I believe in you, and I believe you are not a robot!  P.S. click on "Sewing over Pins" above to learn how to turn this annoying big-brother setting OFF on your own blog!

And:  I only have 10 more decreases on the sweater sleeves (why, yes, I do knit sleeves two-at-a-time, so they wind up the same length) and I will be back to the sewing machine and my 52 quilts!

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  1. I just saw your comment on the Craftsy "sewist" debate post and thought I'd swing by. I loved your take on the situation! I'm working on a Pezzy Print project, too!


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