Thursday, February 23, 2012

Quilt #14 - Spiked Punch

Here it is, the sample for the March Strip Club:

Details are on yesterday's post.  If you're in Colorado, come on down to High Country Quilts the last Friday of the month and join the High Country Strippers -- Stripping With a Purpose.  There is no fee for this class, just buy the pattern.  We've been stripping for more than five years, and we always laugh and laugh at Strip Club!  I love wearing my "High Country Strippers" t-shirt; someone always approaches and asks hesitantly, "Can I ask about your t-shirt?"  What?  You don't think middle-aged housewives should be strippers?

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  1. oh how manyfunny looks you must get wearing that t shirt! I would love one! Love the sample v modern x


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