Wednesday, February 17, 2016

WIP Wednesday: Little House on the Prairie QAL

I'm a bit behind on my Little House mystery quilt. Blame it on the weather -- one of the AccuQuilt Go! dies I needed was in a truck stuck in a snowstorm in Wyoming!

The customer service lady at AccuQuilt was great, though. She "released" the remainder of my order, so I could finish this block.

My "birds in flight" blocks aren't quilt 6½" square, so I'm not sewing the big block together until I figure out where I went wrong!

What's in process in your sewing room?

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  1. I hate it when a block works out the wrong size and I can't figure out why. That big block is going to be very pretty.

  2. Ohhh, I hate when that happens :( The block is very pretty though.

  3. I could never make a HST cut with the 6" finished die to ever make a full square. I don't know why, and I've asked at some of the quilt shows at the Accuquilt booth. Nobody has an answer. I don't use it anymore.

  4. So glad to meet you today and follow your blog!

    1. We all enjoyed meeting you, too! Your comment comes through as "no reply commenter," so if you send me an email direct to AuntMarti at 52quilts dot com, I can add you to my address list.


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