Thursday, February 18, 2016

Thursdays are for Knitting: A Christmas Goodie

Wheee! Guess what came in the mail yesterday!

I normally feel strongly about opening mail addressed to other people. And this package was addressed to the Elder Son. But it was suspiciously squishy -- and I was pretty sure the customs form read "Yarn," although it was in Russian!

So I opened it. 

And just look what was inside!

Elder Son ordered this yarn before Christmas-- but after all, it came all the way from Russia! I wonder what my postal carrier thought of this squishy envelop? Probably knew it was yarn, it's not like this is the first squishy envelop I've ever received!

Now to decide, what to make with it?  I've decided on a lacy shawl, and Jen Lucas Designs are some of my favorites.

Maybe Beddington? Several of my Texas friends at Inskein Yarns knit this one, and they all turned out gorgeous!

But here's another, Milton, designed especially for small-skein yarn kits.

Aacckk! You KNOW I have trouble making decisions! Which do you think?

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  1. I have trouble making decisions also. Make one of each. :)

  2. Beautiful colours. I agree, one of each sounds good.

  3. Both beautiful, but I'd start with Milton. :)

  4. That looks like "Happy Valentine's Day! I love you, Mom!" to me. I too like them both, but would start with Milton. I wish we had Feelovision, so I could feel that yarn.

  5. Maybe Elder Son has secretly taken up knitting? :)
    I like the bottom one because of the frilly edge.

  6. I like the bottom one best.These patterns almost tempt me to take up knitting again. But my fabric stash calls me.


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