Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WIP Wednesday

The  January UFO "number" is "pick your favorite." My favorite UFO is "Ryokan."

Ryokan means "Japanese Inn." The pattern is from ThimbleCreek Quilts, designed by Joe Wood. I started this quilt at a Block Party at Ruth's Stitchery in 2013.  I had the twelve blocks in the pattern finished when My Little Sailor announced, "You know I have a full-size bed now, Mom!"

So I added eight more blocks. Each of the blocks I added means something to Jacob. The bottom two rows are the blocks I added.

From left to right, starting with the second row from the bottom:
Jacob's Ladder, Port and Starboard, Blacks and Tans (summer Navy uniform), One More Block (because I needed a 20th block!), Centennial Star (Colorado is the Centennial State), Martha Washington Star (his Mom's name is Martha, and he was born in Washington), Chinook
(the wind that blows down the mountains), Waves of the Sea.

The sashing is a Daiwabo fabric (from Japan!). It is an ombre design, going from dark to light to dark across the width of the fabric. It's cut into 1½" squares and set in a checkerboard design. I think the sashing looks like cobblestone streets. Because the pattern only has 12 blocks, I didn't buy enough to sash all 20 blocks. Friend Cathy to the rescue, she donated 1/2 yard of her sashing fabric so I could have the same sashing throughout! I have four more borders to add, then it will be ready for the quilter.  My plan is to take it to Japan with me in August when My Little Sailor re-enlists in the US Navy.

What is your favorite UFO?

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  1. Too funny! My favorite UFO is also a ThimbleCreek Quilts design by Joe Wood. It is Civil War Celebration, and I started it the summer of 2013 to mark the summer my boys and spent visiting Civil War National Parks and sites. The quilt is for me, and is a numbered UFO, so it will come up later this year.

  2. I forgot to say I love your quilt. The meaning in each of the blocks you added is priceless, and the 'cobblestone' streets are perfect. He is such a lucky Little Sailor!

  3. Pretty quilt, Marti. My favorite UFO that I have is a Bargello Quilt. I have all the strips sewn into circles, just have to cut here and there to make the pattern and then sew it together.

  4. Mine is a one block wonder I started at a retreat 2 years ago. I have 30 blocks cut, but want to go a little further with it. My quilt bee is doing a UFO challenge and this is on my list to finish this year. We drew #9 for our challenge, which is not the OBW.

  5. Love the affect of the ombre fabric, my Union Blues project uses two of them Brown and Blue. This sure is a priceless quilt for you Little Sailor. I have a few favorites, but the Judy Niemeyer designs that were 2011 UFOs are mine. Kartwheels, Krossfire, and soon to be quilted Kurry.

  6. I have stayed at many ryokan, and yes, that is exactly what it means. I am so glad you found extra sashing fabric thanks to Cathy.
    My favourite is still Dear Jane. It drives me crazy and I procrastinate, but I am still glad I am chipping away.


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