Friday, November 6, 2015

TGIFF: Jelly Roll Party

Because I've been in Texas, I've missed a few Jelly Roll Parties at Ruth's Stitchery. I'm excited to see my stripper friends this afternoon!

The latest "Jelly Roll Finish" is "No-Measure Bargello" from Cozy Quilts.

I used a Moda jelly roll, "Lakeside Gatherings" and yardage to make my version. The only modification I made was to make a narrow third border rather than the flange called for in the pattern. I knew a loose flange would annoy my long-armer, as it would require stopping and starting the quilting so as not to stitch down the flange. We must keep our long-armer happy!

CJ quilted a lovely loose paisley design. 

I used the dark anchors yardage for the backing, and inserted a leftover bargello strip to add a little interest:

The methodology for this pattern makes cutting the bargello strips a lot easier. But fair warning: there is a LOT of stitching required for this one!

Today we choose patterns for the 2016 Jelly Roll Party. What's your favorite jelly roll pattern?

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  1. thaa is beauiful, Marti. I am working on a bargello quilt in purples.

  2. What a beautiful quilt, I'm always impressed by bargello quilts. It's so true we have to keep long arm quilters happy, especially ones who quilt as beautifully as yours does.

  3. Marti, could you stitch the flange in when you apply your binding? Seems to me that would work -- lining up the flange underneath the binding on the front of the quilt as you machine stitch it on, then handstitching the binding onto the back, which would result in the flange showing on the front of the quilt. Am assuming a double fold bias binding (or straight grain, whatever). Fun quilt regardless.

    1. Brenda, yes, that is the traditional way to include a flange in a binding. The advantage of SMB is that you don't have to hand-stitch the binding down on the back!


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