Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tuesday Tool: Scrap Crazy Template

Do you find precuts, such as layer cakes and 6" strips, almost irresistible? I sure do! But I never know what to make with them!

Clever Beth, at Ruth's Stitchery, demonstrated this template set. It works with layer cakes, 6" strips, or even scraps. Here is what the finished block looks like:

The Scrap Crazy template set comes in to sizes. The larger size makes an 8" block, and the smaller makes a 6" block. I'm using the larger size to make a super-fast baby quilt.

I'm using twenty 10" squares, cutting five layers at a time. The templates come with excellent instructions, so I'll just give you a quick overview of the cutting.

The first cut is on the diagonal, to establish the angled line.

Then cut one "C" template and one "B" template.

Next, cut another "C" template, one "D" template and one "A" template. As you can see, there is very little waste with a 10" square.

Here are my five pieces.

I shuffled the stack to there are five different fabrics in each block.

The templates with angled sides also have a cut-off "nub," which is used to line up the pieces perfectly.

Here's another shot of my finished block:

And here is the first quilt I made using the Scrap Crazy Templates. For this one, I used an entire layer cake stack, forty 10" squares. Using all the different fabrics really makes a "busy" quilt. (OK, one of my friends said it would make her throw up. She didn't mean that to be rude, but it IS kind of hard to find a place for your eye to rest!)

That's why I decided to use only ten different fabrics for my second scrap crazy quilt!

I can't wait to see how the pink and red quilt turns out!

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  1. Cool! I bet it looks a lot more peaceful with fewer patterns. I think it could create some awesome secondary designs, too! It looks like a great tool. :)

  2. That's a cool tool. The quilt top is quite busy but I've just spent a happy 10 minutes looking at the different patterns created by the interplay of the fabrics. Far more fun than getting on with the work I should be doing.

  3. I think the effect would be so much different if the colors were similar such as all autumn colors or all teals/blues/greens. Don't have too many bigger scraps though.

  4. Interesting templates for someone not brave enough to do the stack and whack but loose the freedom :)


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