Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thursday's Yarn Day

It's the time of year when Hats for Sailors knitters finish up "just one more hat" to mail to the HFS coordinator. We don't yet know which ship will be the recipient of our stitches, but I know the Sailors aboard will love the hats!

We have two "deadlines" to send in hats, Memorial Day and Veteran's Day. My goal is always to knit one hat per month. My friend and long-arm quilter, Cornelia, also knit hats this year. A friend and member of the Front Range Modern Quilt Guild (and graduate student at Colorado School of Mines!) Emily, knit hats too.

Here is the stack I mailed yesterday:

I printed a little label on business card stock to attach to each hat. It reads:
Thank you  for your service to our country.
You are remembered and appreciated
by someone in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


I'm also hosting the Knit-Along (KAL) on the Ravelry group "Hats for Sailors." Go to for details. 

The Dishcloth Diva, Deb Buckingham, designed a new hat pattern just for us. It's called "Fair Winds and Following Seas," I've already shared a photo, but here it is again:

I have some special skeins of yarn to give away to knitters who finish a hat this month and post a photo of their finished hat on the Ravelry group forum. 

Each is a unique, hand-dyed yarn -- but 100% washable wool, as required for Hats for Sailors!

I hope you'll consider joining us to knit a hat! 

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  1. I have tons of yarn but I've never knitted a hat -- I'd love to try but not sure I have the skill to make anything but washcloths. :)

  2. I love the Fair Winds hat. It is perfect for the sailors. Your hats look wonderful. I need to get back to creating a few for the cause.


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