Monday, November 3, 2014

Sunday Stash -- On Monday

I didn't get yesterday's Stash Report posted, because . . . well, read on, and you'll see why!

During my whirlwind trip to Idaho last week, I made only one quilt shop stop. On my way to the airport, I dropped by my favorite Boise Shop, Quilt Expressions. It's the only shop I know that is even larger than Ruth's Stitchery. And they always have something unique!

In this case, it was a good selection of Aboriginal fabrics. I owe a quilt to the DH of my Idaho hostess, and I think these will make the perfect quilt for him!

The pattern is a Quilt Expressions original, "Neighborhood Association." 

Only one more addition to my fabric stash this week. This is "A Field Guide" by Moda. I scored this bundle on Gotcha Covered Quilting's Instagram de-stash.

It will be perfect for my next "low volume" quilt.

And now, the reason nothing is getting done at my house this week!

My beloved Siamese, Prince Chulalongkorn, died two years ago. We have two other cats, but neither one wants to cuddle me. So for my birthday, a friend offered this little cutie!

I usually give my cats "food names: (i.e. Marmalade, Chutney, Chocolate Mousse) so this little guy is named "Samosa." For my favorite savory pastry!

It's been a hard week, but one simply cannot be sad when one has a purring kitten on one's lap!

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  1. Dear Marti,
    your little Samosa is soooooo cute!!! That's a good reason for nothing finished. ;)
    I wish you so much fun with this little guy.
    Greetings, Rike

  2. So funny, I recognize some of the fabric I bought 2 years ago in Vermont Quilt Show, from that very same shop. At that time, I bought 2 bundles of layer cake. Here is what I did with it: It is still one of my favorite quilt, I really liked the colors.

  3. What a sweety pie! He's adorable. Enjoy!

  4. Samosa is precious.... I think that need to visit him this week! Lol. Love the moda fabrics!

  5. Oh he looks so cute, but a mischievous little cutey.

  6. Samosa, what a great name! They are such lovely little time wasters, no wonder quilting can wait! I'm sure he'll be getting involved in all your projects from now on, whether you want him to or not!

  7. Congratulations on your new addition!
    He is adorable. I hope he becomes your best cuddle buddy : )
    Cats are so much fun. I have 4. Don't think I could ever be without a cat!

  8. So cute - my cat isn't much of a cuddly one either - only for about 5 minutes at a time!

  9. Dear Aunti Marti,

    Loved your blog today. It was most interesting and you showed some lovely aboriginal fabrics that I too am in love with but can't even get it in my home town. Secondly I love your little new addition. They can be so adorable at this age. Lucky you!!!! Enjoy

  10. Oh my... Samosa is adorable! What a cute little bundle of fluff - enjoy his "help"!


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