Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sunday Stash and De-Stash

Today's Sunday Stash isn't fabric. Surprise!


It's dishtowels! I love dishtowels. In fact, each year I buy a new set of "day of the week" dishtowels at the high school craft fair. My friends must know me well, because I've received some really cute dishtowels recently.

First, this cutie-patootie from Christine:

It was a thank-you for quilting her mini spools quilt. I really should have given her a thank-you gift, because she let me experiment with serpentine stitch quilting on her her quilt!

Next, these funny embroidered towels were brought to me from Seattle by my friend, Mary. She was lucky enough to go on an Alaskan cruise this month -- she said when she saw these towels at the airport gift shop, she just knew she had to get them for me!  Hmm, I wonder why?


I spent the better part of an afternoon last week searching for a particular fabric needed by a friend to finish her quilt.While digging, I found several quilt "kits" that I realize I will never, nevernever use.  So I'm going to offer one each week to 52 Quilts readers.

Here's the deal: I'll give away the fabric, free. The recipient just has to pay postage. Anywhere in the world, just pre-pay the postage via PayPal, and the featured quilt kit is yours!

I'm pretty sure I bought this fabric in 2006, because there was an ad from a quilt shop dated that long ago!

There are 3.75 yards of the floral print, 4 yards of the blue and 1.5 yards of the ivory background.

The "bouquet" is about 10" high. It's "Garden Botanica" by Bonnie Benn Stratton for Hi-Fashion Fabrics, Inc. Quilt for a Cure. The blue is "Fundamentals" by Hoffman International Fabrics. The ivory has no printing on the selvedge.

This de-stash batch will fit easily into a medium flat-rate box, which costs $12.35 to send anywhere in the U.S. Of course, international postage would be more.

If you'd like to add this to your own stash, just comment with your PayPal email address and I'll send you an invoice for the postage. 

The Summer Solstice is coming up soon -- I can't wait to show you the Summer "Block a Day" block!

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  1. Fun tea towels - Love the blue & cream - but I'm sure you will find a taker for your kit, but its not me today...

  2. big are the floral bouquets? I might be interested.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I would love this fabric lol would blend well with my old stash!!

  5. Great towels! And the stash looks inviting, too! Congrats on trying to "de-stash" - something we ALL need to do, I'm sure.

  6. I'll pay the shipping--paypal:

  7. How pretty. Love those tea towels your friend picked up for you. I need those. LOL
    Have a great weekend.


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